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Moccagatta Dry Pasta 500g - 5 for $5 (Usually $1.19 Each) @ The Warehouse


Cheaper than paknsave prices which is saying something. I haven't tried it but I'll buy 5 using the marketclub voucher so basically free!

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    Yeah, PnS Value pasta price has increased to $1.49…ahh…inflation

    I hope TWH moves more into supermarket items / groceries. They are doing well, especially with the recent 50% Easter chocolates, many happy parents and children…haha

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    Are you referring to the new marketclub user $5 voucher?

    • Yes

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    Remember, in order to use your Market Club $5 welcome coupon for this deal it will need to be purchased through the App, not in-store.

    This is because the 5 for $5 offer on the Pasta is a product/category offer and the $5 welcome coupon is a basket offer.
    You cannot use both in the same transaction in store but you can on the app.

    The following is from the FAQ page - Can I stack my MarketClub offers?

    The way offers can be used together varies depending on whether you’re shopping in a physical store or if you’re shopping in The Warehouse app.

    When shopping in-store you can use more than one MarketClub product/category offer per transaction, as long as you meet the requirements of each offer. However, you cannot use a product/category offer and a basket level offer in the same transaction, nor can you use more than one basket level offer in the same transaction.

    When shopping in the app you can use more than one MarketClub product/category offer per transaction, you can also use a product/category offer with a basket level offer in the same transaction, and you can use more than one basket level offer in the same transaction – as long as you meet the requirements of each offer.

    What is a product/category offer? It’s an offer that applies to a specific item or group of items, e.g. 20% off Gascraft Portable Gas BBQs or 15% off pet beds.
    What is a basket level offer? It’s an offer that applies to the whole purchase, e.g. Spend $50 and get $5 off or get 10% off when you spend $100 or more.

    You may as well throw the link for the free shipping coupons in the post too as they will only work for the next couple of week.
    Free Shipping at The Warehouse

    • ah, I was hoping to buy the $1 6 pack eggs with this. oh well.

      • Buy the eggs in store for $1 (as it's only available in store anyway) until tomorrow.
        And then if you want the pasta too order that online and use your $5 coupon if you have one.

        • Yeah I'm planning to order some 50c item with the pasta on my 4 new warehouse accounts with the voucher :D

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        I see you are in Auckland.
        At the moment the eggs are showing out of stock at most stores in Auckland, but still available now at:
        Atrium, Manukau, Mt Roskill,Newmarket, WestCity

    • thank you, I was wondering why I didn't get $5 off the basket when buying a bunch of eggs (and few other things) totalling above $50 in store on the weekend… grr

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    This is a good deal, but these were $1.00 each without needing a multi-deal discount when I stocked up on them less than a month ago.

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      another case of discount illusion.

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      They used to stock a brand of pasta called “Pasta Maria”. I purchased a couple of packs back in September for 89c ea. Haven’t seen those prices in a while though.. not even in the supermarkets. Seems $1 is the cheapest you can get for pasta these days. Could be wrong..(please post if you know of cheaper pasta haha).

      • yeah even the main supermarkets had $1 pasta a few years ago. and even $1 bread is gonezo.

      • I'm more worried about finding cheap/nice pasta sauce than cheap pasta, any recommendations

        • we usually just use crushed tomatoes and add flavorings like basil, garlic, onion, meat etc. :D

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    BTW, the butter price @TWH has dropped to $4 (instore only)…haha


    • Nice, can never have enough butter!

    • Nice, I'll pick up a few blocks when I get the pasta. Thanks!

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        You can freeze butter if you want to stock up.

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      @akrotohur Oh you spotted this before me, I posted this as a deal, but have removed it. Post it up, it's a good one.

      • Haha, that's okay, I got lazy so just commented in OP's deal.

  • I usually get the Balducci range at Pak n Save, couple of stores near me still sell them at 99c, but the last packet of penne that I got was disappointing. Took forever to cook and broke up so easily, ended up looking more like pasta mush. So might give this pasta a try and hoping for better results!

  • Is making multiple accounts and using the $5 welcome voucher considered fraud?

    • If their prices are cheap enough, maybe just buy them straight? At least that encourages TWH to work harder at breaking the supermarket duopoly.

    • It's certainly against their MarketClub terms & conditions

      You may not have more than one MarketClub membership through each Participating Retailer and you may not transfer your membership or any offers made available through your membership to anyone else.

  • Balducci #4 Spaghetti Long Pasta 500g - $0.99 @ PnS, Royal Oak

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