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Free Regular Cheese Pizza with $8 Purchase (Pickup Only) @ Pizza Hut


I have had this site up for a few years, so that my friends at Uni can claim the relatively commonly known "Free regular cheese pizza with every $8 purchase". This was basically any 5 digit code that was divisible by 3.

It looks like Pizza Hut have recently changed this system so that it no longer accepts any 5 digit number (GRRR!!), and instead seems to be a 4 digit number divisble by 3, incremented by 1, then prepended by a number 2, and finally wholly divisible by 3 (e.g. 29082). Basically, only SOME 5 digit numbers that are divisble by 3 but must start with a 2. There may be more to it, but from what little reverse engineering I did do (guessing a few correct 16 digit survey codes and then trying to find a pattern in the reward codes), that seems to be it.

It also seems like some of these numbers have also been manually blocked/removed (i.e. they satisfy the criteria stated earlier, but still don't work). So if a code doesn't work, just generate another.

The site has been updated to use this new logic. Code is here, PR's are welcome. Let me know if you find a different pattern or something.


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    Wonder if KFC is the same

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    its pickup only btw can you put that in the title

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    Thank you for your service.

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    Thanks rakmo!

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    Weirdly I ordered from Barrington PH yday with a 5 digit code

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    Who cares about mining crypto, I'm mining pizza.

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      i like the way you think

  • Not a PH lover but +1 for the effort! As someone said before, wondering if KFCs have changed theirs too - been using the same code for the past 2 years or so

  • I like that word prepended. Gonna try and work that into my conversations from now on.

  • Is this store specific? These codes never work

  • Yeah not working for me either. First time I’ve tried. Pre-order in Hamilton and Dunedin, pickup, $10 item + code, “coupon not found”.

  • Worked for me on Saturday but I had to generate 2 codes to get one to work

  • Again, no luck. Has it worked for anyone?

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      I just did a test order and it worked
      Had to generate 2 codes again. I wonder if it’s store dependent

      • Good point. I'll try a different store. Thanks for the response.

  • As stated in the description guys:

    It also seems like some of these numbers have also been manually blocked/removed (i.e. they satisfy the criteria stated earlier, but still don't work). So if a code doesn't work, just generate another.

    Also, as other people have pointed out, this may only work for some stores. Please test this out yourself.

    • Yes I had to refresh and 2nd code worked for me.
      I have used this generator and scored a pizza everytime

      Massive thank you

  • Doesnt work either for me. Any idea what happened to the old generator which someone posted, that worked all the time for me!

  • Coupon code not working. Tried doing a survey and gave me 5 digit code starting in 7 and still divisible by 3.

    • Could you elaborate a bit more? Which store? Which coupon code didn't work? All these things will help me evolve the generator and stay up to date to whatever changes Pizza Hut makes.

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        All the random codes from the link you shared didn't work (5 digit codes starts in 2). Store location is in Hobsonville.

        So I was not successfull for a free pizza and proceed with the order. They sent me back a link to enter a survey and it gave me 5 digit code starting in 7 after I completed the survey.

        Hope this helps to crack the code, good luck :)

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    Ordered successfully
    Location: New Lynn
    Details: First coupon code didn't work, second code did work.

    It's worthwhile for people to start posting your successes/failures in a similar format to above, just so I can gather more data and see if/when they change their codes, add new codes, etc.

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    FIrst coupon code worked for Newmarket branch.
    Codes did not work for Hobson St branch, but any 5 digit code divisible by 3 that starts with 4 seems to work.

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    Was having trouble with it after it working since you had updated it. Common theme seems to be that each zone changes their first number. Cycled through the number and it works with the generator as long as I swap the first digit to a 5.

    Timaru is 5xxxx instead of 2xxxx

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      Auckland also works with 5xxxx instead of 2xxxx

  • I tried about 30 of the new codes. I guess I'll just have to fill in a customer satisfaction survey

  • I've used your codes for years, so massive respect and thanks to you. But the codes seem to be region based - I couldn't get any of the three types of codes to work in Palmy, but after I ordered and filled out the survey, the code I received starts with 4. Is there a way to add a 4 option for us in Palmy / lower North Island?

  • No region prefix
    0, 4, and 6 for same region

  • Seems like Royal oak isn’t accepting any codes at all… couldnt for the life of me get one to work. Switched to another nearby store and got codes working straight away!

  • Thanks, just used here in Chch

  • Lovely stuff

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      • You don't have to comment on everything.

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      Just tested an the old code works fine for both stores. See here

  • Still works. Thanks OP.

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    Short version:
    Some stores don't sell regular sized pizzas. Codes don't work for those.

    Long version:
    I keep getting "Reward item is not available". Did an order anyway and filled out the survey to get a genuine code. Tried the genuine code and still got the same error. Switched the store and it worked.

    As the author of the previous generator I'm very happy somebody did an updated version.

  • Looks like they again changed the logic and its no more working

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      Middle code just worked for me, I normally have to refresh a couple of times

      • yes, I tried tody and it worked. thanks for the confirmation.

  • Claimed again. Cheers.

  • Not working anymore? I've tried at least 10 codes by now.

    • Nvm, tried the old style code and it worked. New style wasn't working though.

      • I find different styles work at different times, usually try 4 codes before one works

  • Thank you mate! Just tried this for the first time, amazing.

  • 20 times and not working

    • Worked for me on 5th attempt
      Maybe your Pizza Hut doesn’t do these

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    I refreshed the page over 30 times and entered a total of 90 codes but found one that still worked! (New Code #2) Think they might be running out of free pizzas :/

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      Yes had the same issue. But I also got one for filling in the survey after purchasing too, but has to be used within a week.

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        funny i got one after doing the survey but that code didnt work lol

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      For those who are unaware, they (used to) reset the code after 24 hours, which is why you can reuse the same code again and again. My guess is they have fixed that flaw, finally! lol

  • I tried the coupon a million times tonight and I couldn't find one that worked sadly. It's really good because my daughter only likes cheese pizza and she's the only one that eats it

    • Its so funny you say that because I'm in the same boat - its great to give the young daughter her own haha.

      I tried probably 50ish codes and nothing worked. Ended up swapping to a different pizza hut branch (I drive past 2 on the way home) which accepted a code after maybe 15 tries.

  • Still works, thank you OP

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    Still works. Got one after about 50 tries. Cost me nothing but time lol. 24711. Thanks OP!
    Also, I found it easier just to stick to one type of code and just add +3 each time, instead of trying out all 3 types of codes and click-copy-switch windows-paste. But that's just me.

  • I think this has stopped working finally. Getting error saying reward item not available.

  • Not only does this no longer work at my store, the codes they send you for using the feedback form dont work

    • You are right. The code I got today for doing the survey didn't even work.

  • Been trying to use this for the past couple of weeks but I think it's finally dead, either that or you have to regenerate codes an unreasonable amount of times, last time I had to regenerate codes about 100+ times and at that point I kinda gave up considering how much effort it required.


  • thank you ;) i used your new xode #1 and worked. your amazing especially using your powers to help yee fellow hungry man/woman haha. mmmmmmm cheese pizza

  • Just worked on my 4th code at my local, so not completely dead like the above are saying :)

  • Worked on the first code I used so yeah not quite dead yet :)

  • Working for me again! So glad as my son hates sharing our pizzas for some reason

  • Still working, first code a charm!

  • Worked for me first pop with Code 2! Thank you very much, wish I knew about this ages ago as my boy just likes the cheese pizza :)

  • Legend - worked for me straight off the bat with a random code.

  • +1

    Still confirm this works, but you gotta keep generating the 3x codes.
    Easy way of doing this is having the generator tab open and the PizzaHutt tab opened only in your browser.
    You can CTRL+TAB across the 2x tabs, whilst copying and pasting the codes in quick succession.

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