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Cost * 5% ~ 9% Friends & Family Discount (in Store Only) @ Noel Leeming


Usual Friends & Family discount - in store only with presentation of flyer.

Terms and Conditions: Offer runs 19 - 27 March 2022, and is only available at the Noel Leeming stores detailed, while stocks last. This offer excludes IT accessories, PC software & consumables, AV accessories, storage & power products unless otherwise stated. The offer is cost* + 5% - 9% on all products storewide. *Average cost reflects the average price of the product including any administration and handling costs and does include any volume-related adjustments which may apply and GST. ^Price is based on average cost as at 1/3/2022 and may vary slightly due to average cost fluctuations. Offer is not available online and cannot be used in conjunction with any deferred and/or interest-free credit offer other than Zip or with any other promotional offer. Offer does not apply to any Noel Leeming Gift Card purchases, Tech Solutions, Endeavour products, extended warranties, laybys, delivery fees, Dyson products, Apple hardware (including iPhones), gaming consoles and bundles, iTunes cards, mobile phone top-up cards bonus, free or half-price items.
Fly Buys points consist of 1 standard point for every $50 of cumulative spend at Noel Leeming over a 12 month period.
Visit noelleeming.co.nz/flybuys for more details. An additional 2% surcharge applies when purchasing items on a credit card. See in store for details. Some of our nationally advertised specials may be at a lower price than this offer but you will receive the best price on the day for the item/s you choose.

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    Does any one have a clue what the Samsung jet 90 will be discounted to?

    • The offer is cost* + 5% - 9% on all products storewide. Depends on how much their cost is

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      Unfortunately you can't tell the discount until you are in store with these deals.
      If you do find out the price it would be worth posting it here in case someone else is considering it too.

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        Just called the customer care team and the said $860 was the cost + 5% price. The vacuums was down to $749 on boxing day but didn't i didn't buy it then.

    • $849 at PB Tech so be interesting to see how much better the NL offer is.

      • $860 cost + 5% lol

      • If you want to pay by credit card and collect some Flybuys then NL may work out better. PBTech charges 2.x% for Credit Card payment.

    • You'll have to go to find out.
      It is on sale at PB tech right now for $849.

    • +2

      I would just go into Noel Leeming and price match against the PB Tech $849 price if you need it now.
      At least you will get some Fly Buys out of it!

    • +1

      $714.35 on the Samsung Family Value Program (via the Samsung External Partners Store) if you have friends or family with an account.

      • How does one get an account?

        • Looks like you need to know someone that works for Samsung

        • +1

          Good question. I have access to it thanks to my sister (who has an account as a perk of her job working at one of the big accounting firms). It seems to be employer dependent. There might also be education access to it as well? Sorry that's probably not a whole lot of help. There is a thread in the forums about it which might provide more insight.

    • PB tech have at $849 atm

    • It's a bloody good vacuum, can't wall mount it though. Expect ballpark $850

    • I just got an email about Samsung's new stick vac, so would imagine the jet90 starts to become cheaper.

    • I just got one from the PBTech sale. Works great would recommend.

    • $879.71 or more

      Dont be fooled thought. Cost plus sales never tell ya that they dont include the bulk rebate.

      "does include any volume-related adjustments which may apply" which funny enough is actually where most of the margin sits these days. better off waiting for % off.

    • Samsung Jet 90 Pet is $879.71 and Jet 70 Pet is $679.59. The Warehouse Group Team Discount enjoys the same discount and that is what it shows me.

  • I am very curious how much will Samsung q950a be, but based on my previous experience the price wont be as good as Black Friday etc.

    • I'm guessing close to 1600

      • +1

        I got it 1368 from JB on 25th November, so if you can hold off it can definitely go way cheaper.

        • Yep..the cost+ thing isn't the same year round and the 'cost' changes throughout the year

    • +1


  • Does anyone know what the mark up/cost price is like on soundbars ie sony/bose or computer monitors? Or are those 20% off sales generally better discount?

    • Margins on Sony soundbars are around 33% for the retailer. So a soundbar that costs $300 retail would cost them $200 to acquire. And generally when you see a sale it is never sold at a loss, just lower margins.

      • For some brands this isn't the case but Sony rrps can be a bit nuts. $600 for 1000xm4s is rrp

  • +1

    With so many exclusions, this feels more like a "look at us!!11!1!!!" marketing ploy than any useful promotion…

  • Aren't the only products usually worth bothering with on these things like cables and phone cases? It's clearly not what they actually paid for the goods +5% as it excludes bulk purchasing power TWG has and other factors that will bring down the wholesale price.

    I'm considering a screen protector for my new S22+ but don't think the top price one they are selling will see much reduction.

  • Anyone going in tomorrow please check Kobo Eclipsa for me please? Thank you in advance :) :)

    • +1

      Going in the morning to see what the discount is for the kobo libra, will ask about the Eclipsa too!

      • Thank you in advance :)

        • +1

          Yoo, went in this morning! Unfortunately only reduced the price by a couple of dollars. The worker there explained to me that pricing for products like that are are competitive and so there isn't much of a mark up to be reduced.
          I ended up buying the Kobo Libra 2 from Noel Leeming via The Market. I used the 20 dollar referral voucher, then i paid via ZIP so that I could use the current Market Zip promo voucher for another 20 dollars off. so 260 for the product which seems to be the best price at the moment.

          • @shootsscores: Thank you so much. Saved me a trip. Might wait a bit more hopefully will have a specific sale for this. Looks like these “flyer” sales not worth it.

          • @shootsscores: And the stupid part is that the market is Noel Leeming.. well The warehouse group.

            There answer to amazon really.

  • +1

    Just sharing my experience: these deals are usually pretty bad. Even with the discounts, often places like PB Tech are still cheaper. They've even refused to price match places like PB for me.

    Remember their "cost" refers to the item + stocking + staffing fees, not just the cost of the item. I'd suggest a general sale is just as good, if not in some cases better.

    • +1

      10000% correct, these days margin sits behind volume rebate. This is so they don't have to pay as much commission to sales staff and keep true cost hidden.

      • Sadly not quiet how commission is structured at Noel's anymore. It's either % of sale price + % of Margin (for some products, more or less replacing the old fixed incentives) and a few flat payments.

        While a lot of money on a business scale… Person by person the commission amount is negligible and not how people are making real money

        • They are shafting ya,

          Go look at the JB Hifi, Harvey and 100% Stucture. What they do to get paid properly. Noels system used to be okay, but if you are selling 40k a week and not bringing in 1% back in standard coms (not spivs) at a bare min they are shafting you big time.

    • i think the kicker is the "admin and handling", they could literally add anything on and we would be none the wiser! i know those things do have a cost, but its unlikely they would ever be disclosed.

      • I wouldn't be surprised if their "admin and handling fee" is basically their internally agreed-upon return on investment lol

  • Damn it, i purchased an apple watch 7 this evening from noel leeming. Someone pls say there will be no discounts on apple to make me feel better 😂

    • +3

      Excludes Apple hardware.
      Hope you feel better now!

      • I can have a good night sleep now, thanks @bigcheese

    • +1

      There is not 5% in these

      • Not on the front end.

  • Anyone checked out Sony WH-1000XM4? I'm not hopeful there's much more of a discount on these, but worth asking

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