[PC] Microsoft Office 2021 Professional (Windows) / Home and Business (Mac) $49.99 USD (~$76 NZD approx.) @ Android Authority

Moved to Forum: The deal post was originally unpublished for issue with third party seller (Nerdused). Subsequently it is moved to the forum to preserve useful discussions from users.

My first post here… I was looking for cheap Office 2021 licenses on ebay, but it looks like they've cracked down on those over the past year. I stumbled across this deal from Android Authority which is more expensive than the old eBay licenses, but still a LOT cheaper than RRP and not from some dodgy key site.

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  • Looks good, comes to NZ$76.64 with PayPal's exchange rate, RRP is NZ$629 = ~88% off. Great first post!

  • This does have the appearance of being be legit - it is the same deal that was previously available earlier this year (Jan 2022 I think) and AndroidAuthority.com is (or at least, used to be) a reputable site, but….

    I just cannot understand how this works?

    MS Office Pro Plus 2021 is a Volume License? If so, it cannot be re-sold, according to the normal terms under which MS sell Volume Licenses?

    {Alan is confused}

    • It's not Professional, not Professional Plus. See MS NZ: https://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/microsoft-365/p/office-profe…

      • Hi salmonsalami,

        If it is neither 'Professional' nor 'Professional Plus' what is it exactly?

        Also, the link you posted goes nowhere for me?



        • Oops, I meant to say it's Office 2021 Professional - not Office 2021 Professional Plus

          Try this link https://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/microsoft-365/p/office-profe…

          • @salmonsalami: Okay - thanks.

            Doesn't it feel dodgy to you too?

            How are Android Authority able to sell it for around NZ$76.00 when MS themselves are selling it for NZ$629.00?

            I'm not casting any aspersions at you personally - just seems odd / too good to be true?


            • @Alan6984: Volume, regional price discrimination, MS wants to push people towards Office 365 subscriptions etc. Volume sales & Office 365 are where MS makes its money with Office - This isn't 1995 where people are queueing up outside computer stores waiting to buy Windows 95 & Office 95.

              Most people get their MS Office through education institutions or employers (e.g. BYO device). For the self-employed an Office 365 subscription is a fully tax deductible expense. For everyone else there's LibreOffice.

              The $629 pricing is akin to buying a razor at Harrods. You're overpaying for the experience, for a product that's not where it is usually sold, from a seller who jacked up the price because they would rather sell you a monthly subscription of razors instead.

  • If these are not volume licence keys and are genuine Microsoft keys sold for individuals any idea why you musr "redeem your code within 30 days of purchase"?

  • There are still CD key sites selling OEM keys for cheap, I used RoyalCDKeys to get a new OEM Win10 Pro key for ~3 Euros after I upgraded to Alder Lake about a week ago (My previous Win10 key was also an OEM key, and that key was locked to the old motherboard…..because OEM). I received the new OEM key in seconds and Win10 activated fine.

    I'll give the site a try with Office 2021, and see if it activates.

    As with these dodgy CD key sites, use a disposable card or a debit card with a low balance. I use a Wise virtual card which I can freeze later on.

    • I'm interested in hearing back from you on whether this works, keep us posted.

      • Yes it worked, Office 2021 is now activated.


        Note: There are coupon codes from AllKeyShop and other coupon sites, apply the coupon codes to get the keys even cheaper.

        The site also sells Office 2021 for Mac, but that's 20 Euros.

    • are not alot of these keys from compromised msdn accounts.. that end up getting blacklisted by MS? i just use other methods…. i really like LTSC

      • +1

        I never had an OEM key getting blacklisted by MS, and chances are any keys from compromised MSDN accounts are already blacklisted.

        Anyway I'm not going to lose any sleep over a key that I paid ~$4 for, as I can't even buy a cup of coffee with that money. If the key is later revoked, no big deal. If you're using it for business however then you should consider an Office 365 subscription instead, as it is tax deductible.

        The big risk with these CD key sites is your payment info. Use a disposable/virtual card.

  • Won’t work on Mac?

    • They have Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac for the same price

  • +1

    Similar deal at OzBargain, same price

    via sharewareonsale

    • Thanks for the link. It looks like all the comments over there are on the side of caution…seems too good to be true?

  • for university staff and students. may be whilewhile checking if you are eligible for university pricing. (needs to log in via university).

    e.g. office 2021 pro plus is only $18.99

    • +1

      In terms of the license, does that expire when the student graduates?

      • these kind of keys normally keep working as long as it isnt a fresh install years later… from memory they had max 3 installs thereafter having go through phone activation.

        • +1

          Okay - Thanks!

      • In theory, the license is meant to expire once the staff leaves university for example, but in reality no one really checks this.. the software will still work or one can keep an "no pay" honorary post at the university going to get free library access as well as some software discounts!

        I think it's one copy now these days.. (Microsoft is trying move people to the subscription model (to maximise profits?)

        • Subscription = Recurring revenue. If you own the market, money will come your way every year come rain or shine.

          With discrete versions of Office people won't upgrade unless there's real improvement in the software, especially if beancounters are involved. I mean Office 2007 is still perfectly usable for many.

          • @Avantime: Exactly. My aging mother has just retired her copy of Office 2000, much to her displeasure. Now she's on a copy of 2007 that came with a laptop she bought way back then.

  • Looks like the keys are marketed by a few sites at that price (they probably get a small cut), sales are handled by StackCommerce (legit), but the keys are issued by TopFastKeys, who swear that their keys are legitimate, but I can't work out whether Microsoft endorses them or not. Reviews seem to be somewhat negative, not because they are necessarily dodgy, but more because they seem incompetent and it sounds like some get their keys while others struggle and give up.

    Reports on Reddit seem to indicate that the keys are legit, and not OEM or MSDN. But there are still so many questions…

    I'm not in the market for a dodgy key. I'd rather use legit free options. But I'm not sure who to believe now.

    • +1

      These keys are at best grey market, there's zero chance they are Microsoft endorsed at that price.

  • +2

    I'm going to kill this deal. Had a go at getting a key and ANZ blocked the transaction saying it was potentially fraudulent. As others have said, these are probably grey market (in which case you can get grey market keys much much cheaper).

  • I know this is a "killed deal", however wanted to update with my experience.

    I purchased the key, and received the key straight away, with a webpage with transaction history, key (which I had to redeem on the page).

    To set up, I had to login to my microsoft account, log the key there, and then download MS professional from Microsoft.

    So it looks legit, my key is lodged directly against my microsoft account. So all in all, was a cheaper way to go for me, and I am satisifed.

  • Just got this great deal, thank you

  • So the one time purchase for 1 pc, does that mean if I upgrade my pc (plan too in the next few months) I won't be able to transfer the licence? or is there an option to deactivate and then reactivate

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