AIA Vitality hints tips or hacks

Hey Guys,

Just signed up with AIA and got the Vitality subscription.

Wanting to hear from current users that use this and whether you have any hints tips or hacks on how to best use the points systems?

What rewards do you opt for?

I see you can get an apple watch after 24 months? seems a long time.

I am a fairly active user, train 1hour at least 4 days a week @ gym, mountain bike, hunt and all the rest so I should be able to rack up points reasonably fast - have a Garmin Fenix 7x tracking my activities.

Keen to hear your thoughts :)

Cheers - Al


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    The movie vouchers are quite good - just be aware there are restrictions on when you can watch movies (can't go Friday and Saturday nights).
    We also buy the forme spa vouchers after we get to platinum level as they're 50% off. We give spa treatments as gifts to friends and family.
    I would also recommend getting mentemia to get 75 points a week for mental well-being. And tracking your sleep (10 points a night if you get a good sleep score).
    Be aware that the maximum points you can get a day is 100 for physical activity. And if you get to 400 points a week, the app will ask you to achieve 500 points a week (assume a maximum of 700 points a week, going up by 50 points a week generally). So it might get to the point where you don't achieve your weekly goal. If this happens a couple of weeks in a row, the goal will reduce again.

  • Thanks Natashatanya, did you go for the apple watch? I note that if you opt for it you have to sign up to a finance company and AIA make the payments if you meet the goals - not sure I am all that keen on doing a credit application with a loan company… that's the only downside I see - and I think you cant opt for the items you mentioned above?

  • Honestly I didn't go for the Apple watch as I don't think I'd have a use for it (been an Android user forever haha)
    But a lot of the other high-end bonuses are just okay…a lot of restrictions on what items are available. And sometimes deals during labour weekend/boxing day/etc. are better than what's on offer through AIA. We've found it better to wait for those sales and buy on our own terms…
    Hope that helps!

  • Hey guys, just saw an ad somewhere with the Apple Watch benefit when you have AIA Vitality, and I’m quite interested. I have insurance with AIA and am considering to get the Vitality membership.

    Rewards seem abundant for a mere $11.50 per month (which I assume could be stopped at any time?), with the condition of me being active, of course :). Other than that, I’ve noticed that there is a mention of insurance premium discount - did anyone get this benefit? TIA

    • Hi!
      Yep, I get the premium discount for the following year when I reach certain tiers within AIA Vitality. If you're active 3-4 times a week, it's relatively easy to reach the gold/platinum tiers where you get the most benefit for the discount. When I first joined, I asked our insurance broker if there was any discount for the vitality app and he managed to get me 6months of the app at no charge.

      • Is this true — When you sign up to AIA Vitality you receive an initial 10% premium discount on your eligible insurance policies.

        If that's the case 10% discount is higher than the $11.5 monthly fee for us already.

  • Also, There are lot of other benefits such as free health checkups, 50% off massage vouchers and so on.

  • Does anyone remember when AIA Vitality was launched?

    I have insurance with Sovereign/AIA for a long time but haven't looked into joining this.

    From what I've read so far:
    Membership is $138/year but you get 10% discount on premium, so you get money back right there if your premium is at least $115/month.

    If you hardly do anything you should still get Silver status, so next year your premium discount will be 9%. With Silver you also get $25 Countdown voucher or Airpoints dollars, so net membership cost = 138-25=$113. If your premium is at least $105/month 9% discount will be $113/year.

    Gold seems very easy to obtain, Platinum 30,000 is also practical. If you're active enough you should get $300 Countdown voucher for Platinum 35,000 plus $260 Countdown vouchers from Active Rewards.

    Am I missing anything? (I don't care so much about the Movie ticket or Fitbit etc discounts.)

    • That's how I read it too. I have just signed up to AIA income protection + AIA Vitality. Planning on maximizing the the Air NZ Airpoints benefits.

    • Sorry but my reply is far too late to be useful. They cut you off from collecting the active rewards points part way between gold and platinum, so platinum basically becomes unachievable, unless you can be bothered doing the health checks, eye checks etc.

      • What do you mean they cut you off? Please explain a bit more as I just joined AIA thinking I can get to platinum without any issues?

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          You can only collect a certain number of the active rewards toward the big rewards then they email you out of the blue telling you that you've reached the limit and no more will be counted. For me this happened part way between gold and platinum.

          You can still get the weekly $5 reward.

          You can still get the big rewards by doing health checks etc. But that costs real money and/or time.

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            @casey: Thanks. They cap the active rewards at 15000. So we have to really work hard for our points.

            • @Superpower21: Hi,
              Just weighing in on this. The app is actually pretty clear when telling you the maximum number of points you will get in a membership year for each thing (e.g. sleep score, activity, etc.)
              I would say the health checks are the easiest way to get points. You can get up to 10000 just by doing an annual health check through a listed pharmacy (which is free). You just need to make a booking and go.
              You also get points for getting your COVID vaccine (free), flu vaccine, declaring you're a nonsmoker (free), doing the online nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire (free).

              • @Natashatanya: Thanks, I thought I could get 1000 points for covid Jab, but it has to be within 6 months.

                I want to reach to 35000 points, but probably about 2500 points short. Obviously I don't want to spend money to get the extra $125 airpoints. How does the pharmacy measure your cholesterol when you go for the free check? And how do you get the sleeping data to earn points please.

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                  @Superpower21: They do a quick blood test. They have a reader that can check it. Nothing as fancy as going to Labtests.
                  If you go do the test at one of the listed pharmacies and tell them it's for an AIA health check, they will complete the appropriate form. You just have to upload it to the app.
                  Sleep score is a bit harder. You need to use a Garmin, Fitbit or Samsung activity tracker to be logging your sleep. Otherwise it doesn't work :(
                  The skin check is really easy too - just watch the video in the app.

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              @Superpower21: they make it harder ever year. there was no such thing as platinum last year or 2 years ago. gold @ 30k gave everything.

  • Has anyone managed to get points from watching the video's included in the "AIA Vitality at home" tab in the app?

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      yup. my go to for rainy days where I cant be bothered to go outside and walk.

      • Nice. Are you only eligible for the points on each video once per year? I must have done something wrong, didn't receive the points for the last video I watched….

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          nah. you can do it daily. 50 pts max a day. I always do the first video (shortest).

  • Has anyone ever reached 35k?

    I just joined AIA in June and downloaded the Vitality App. The Google review for the App is really bad, people complaining the app doesn't synchronize with their watch. I am currently using huawei watch, which the app doesn't support.

    Two of my friends are using Garmin, they can't seem to synchronize? How's everyone's experience with the app? Does the app synchronize with Google fit OK?

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      The app is awful. My husband reached 35k using a Fitbit. I'm trying a Fitbit for the first time this membership year - so far I'm on track.
      I was using a miband previously (misfit syncing to Google fit, then syncing to vitality app).
      Unfortunately if you're not using one of the listed apps, you can only really log step counts, not intensity of exercise (i.e. going for an hour long walk: fitbit will sync to vitality app and give 100 points, but Google fit can only sync the number of steps, not the intensity so I would only get 50 points).
      I gave this feedback several times but the makers of the vitality app obviously want you to buy one of the listed devices.
      Unfortunately I ended up having to do things like play the vitality at home videos on days I wasn't exercising to get some points - feels like cheating but also I had done the work previously lol

      • Thanks for explaining this in great details. Looks like there is no other ways to get sleeping points unless I buy a new watch.

        I haven't earned any points from Google fit as I go to Les Mills and it's instant 100 points when I scan in. But planning ahead in case I am going overseas in Xmas. I found a FREE app on aia vitality website for meditating to earn points but haven't tried it out. Its called insight timer, apparently it can link to Google fit. Will report back on this.

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          The Groov app also gives you free points (75 a week I think). Just need to go in everyday and tick the boxes.

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      i am using garmin got it sync with garmin connect on IOS no issue so far. a 30min run a day get me 100pts easy.

  • Is there a way to view how close you are to the point caps (Active rewards of 15,000 as an example)?

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      Not sure on the sleep tracking or mental health points. But I just got an email saying I'd hit the 15000 point cap for being active.
      The email advised I could still earn the vouchers by exercising, I just can't use the points towards status anymore.

      • Thanks, that helps.

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