Best/Cheapest Way to Access Sports?

Hi all,

I watch a lot of NRL, Super Rugby, NFL, NBA, Cricket, All Blacks etc.

My setup for the last year has been:

  • NBA League Pass $36
  • Sky Go (through friends account) $0
  • UFC stream on PC $0

Unfortunately my Sky Go connection is now a no go and so I'm trying to fill the void with a solid alternative that I can use on Kodi.
I've been looking into Kayo Sports but looks like they've blocked a whole bunch of VPNs because I'm unable to signup using NordVPN. I've seen a few people mention dns4me as a possible work around.

I could easily stream everything on my PC for free since I have a good bookmark folder filled with different sites, but I'd rather have something I know will work every time, can be used through Kodi (like the NBA league pass) and is relatively cheap.

Any suggestions out there? $20 a month seems like a good number (as a max spending limit). Guess I could try the free 7 day trial of dns4me and see how I get on with Kayo? (there are a few Kayo deals floating around).



  • Get sky installed at home. You’ll get sky go too. It’ll cost 28.60 per month for sky starter + sky sports
    I gave it since summer Olympics 2021 and it’s been worth it every single day

    • Where are you seeing that offer? Still a bit pricey at $343.20 a year but a good starting point. Only offer I see is one month free and then Starter + Sport = $57.98 a month.

      Saw a people get Starter, Sport, SoHo & My Sky for $40.66 @ Geekzone.

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        Just call them and Tell them you received an outbound call giving you 50% off for sky starter + sport. They’ll do it.
        If they don’t, I can give you my details, you can say I know someone who got it and you’ll get it

        Also to reduce the cost, you can share it with someone. I mean sky go credentials. Will half the cost

        For someone who watches rugby, cricket, Olympics, sailing, darts, It’s been absolutely worth it

        Also I share it with three people

        • I know Sky Go can be configured on up to 5 devices but I thought you could only watch on 2 devices at a time?

          • @bigcheese: Yes that’s correct. But you can add more than 5 devices. They have a glitch of sorts. I watch sky go on 10 devices tbh. Yeah but can only watch on 2 at once

            It never really clashes for us

    • That pricing doesn't seem right.

      • You can read my comment above regarding the pricing :)

  • You can watch sky through Kodi too (if you have a subscription).

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      Which is what I've been doing (via MattHuisman SkyGo) but my account access has been compromised.

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    If you go the Kayo route and want to half the cost I'd be keen to share.

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      Mean. Will keep it in mind. I think Basic plan is two screens which should do.

      • Has Kayo got super rugby this year?

        • hmmmm doesn't look like it. Looks like Nine & Stan Sports have those rights.

    • Looks like you need an ozzie phone number to sign up to Kayo anyways :(

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        Play a few games of fortnite and you will find someone to help out with that

      • +1

        I got fam in Oz so that part is all good 👍

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      Looking to get the $15 plan through Telstra.
      Let me know if you're still interested in splitting. Will make it $7.50 ea.

      • Yup still interested! Flick me through your account details and I will setup an AP :) That's AUD right?

        • +1

          Yep AUD. Let me get it up and running first then get back to you. Some time next week perhaps.

        • Partner didn't get it in the end. Bugger.

          I'll have to stick with the Sky Sport free trials for now.

  • What about this?…
    You just need the Sky Sport Now app according to the advertisement on facebook

    • +1


    • Thanks for that. Any idea where I can find a list of the Australasian sports they show on their service?

      • Sign up for the trial to have a look, they've got everything I've ever looked for if not on the AUS channels on an international channel (search by sport or name)

    • I thought this was shut down a while ago?…

  • is cricfree still a thing? Idk havent been on that site in years

    • I think so, but like you, I haven't used it in a while.

  • I heard if you use a VPN and stream 9Now which is Australia’s on demand platform. They stream a lot of the rugby games for free.

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    Sky doesn't have NZ cricket rights. I'm currently on a Stan + Stan Sport account share which costs $10 a month. If you can find someone in Oz to account share a Kayo account you should be able to get that for $12.50 a month if the person who sets up the account has the Telstra offer.

  • IPTV on a android box.

  • Do you get the NBA league pass for the whole season for $36? Or is that per month?

  • You could try the VStream addon in Kodi. I got that for my French movies/shows fix and surprisingly found that some of their live sports links are working too. I’ve definitely watched some Super Rugby matches there whenever my Chinese IPTV android box failed. Have also seen links for NBA there but never tried them since I could watch them pretty reliably on my Android box.

  • Need something cheaper for streaming on mobile

  • Has anybody tried the NBA league pass via VPN this season? I brought the league pass during the playoffs last year via VPN in Turkey, worked fine. Didn't need a VPN to use the app. Now It says my pass is still valid via the web but in the app it doesn't show me has having any subscription. I keep getting emails saying that they have unsuccessfully tried to bill my for the upcoming season. When I try to play any of the pre season games on the app it wants me to turn on location services…hmmmm… I'm guessing this loophole is now closed. Anybody else have success?

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      I signed up around the 20th of October: 7-day free trial, then $32ish NZD via Türkiye.

      It's now the 28th. Account says I have no subscription, money has yet to be taken out of my Wise account, but I can still access all of the games. Not bad. See how long it lasts.

      • As far as I can gather, they've closed down payment via PayPal which is how I paid for it last time. I'm unable to actually change the method of payment, there is just no option to do so. I think I would have to cancel and retry via straight from credit card which most people say won't go through. Maybe wise card would work though. So yeah I keep getting emails say I need to change my payment method but I'm still able to access the games live via the app. I don't like the app though. Steaming is a lot more glitchy now, frame rates drop down often. Last time I tried to Chromecast I had subtitles that I couldn't turn off. Seems like the whole thing is a bit of a mess. But so far free NBA haha

        • The new app is dogshit aye. Works fine on my phone and on Firefox browser, but I always run into issues when using it on my Xbox.

          • @Wakrak: Ohh yes last time I tried the Xbox app I just got stuck at the loading screen.

  • hi @Wakrak did you find a way to watch super rugby this year without subscribing to sky. If yes, can you please share

    • I haven’t had to fortunately because someone gave me six months of Sky Sports Now for free. I have a few streaming sites boomarked for Super Rugby & NRL if you want em. I’ll test them prior to sending.

      • Hey Wakrak.

        Am I able to grab URL for streaming sites too plz. I've got Kodi but it's not too good for NRL and Cricket thanks.. or if you could tell me which Kodi add on to use for those specific sports

        • I might try a few add-ons this weekend, see if any work. I only have The Loop at the moment for NFL.

          And can do. I'll send them through when I get home. I haven't tested them since last year so unsure how good they are. One in particular was pretty reliable last year though.

          • @Wakrak: Thank you 😀.. I'm fairly new to Kodi so far not overly impressed with it , I'd heard it was amazing . Perhaps the add ons ive put on it aren't that great.

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              @Neokiwi: Depends what you're after. I just have the four add-ons.

              Seren / Fen for movies (using Real-Debrid)
              IPTV AU (Australian TV)
              The Loop (sports)

  • Anyone keen to split a kayo subscription?…

    • Very tempted, been looking into what I should do next after sky sports closed out the weekly trial/wise hack and jacked up prices with spark sports leaving the market. Kayo doesn't have premier League rights which would be one of the main drivers for me alongside the NBA.

      • Yeah I'm mainly in it for NRL. Still have free access to NBA thanks to that Turkey glitch.

        • Oh so it's not just me with the weird free nba access??? Is it a common occurrence. I've thoroughly enjoyed it haha

          • +1

            @cutcutcut: No idea but hoping it continues next season 😁. A few on OzBargain got it too.

            • @Wakrak: Keep getting the emails about how it's a good time to get the league pass 🤷‍♂️😂

      • They closed the wise card hack?!?

        • Sky Sport Now got rid of the free trial a couple of months ago.

    • I’d be keen, I’ve got another mate that would be keen too if it works out. I tried signing up on the weekend but got stuck at the mobile verification step

      • Did you try sign-up to Kayo or that Bulldogs offer?

        • Kayo via dns4me and vpn. Need an Aussie phone number for verification. I tried a free sms spoof site but was not able to complete. All things discussed elsewhere on cheapies.

          • @Basket: dns4me always works for me. I have a Telstra sim but they might've disabled it. Will look into it on the weekend.

            • @Wakrak: Yeah dns4me worked, but I couldn’t see the prices/next steps to join without the vpn. Once I got passed that the verification code of the mobile number was the blocker. Let me know how you get on

            • @Wakrak: I've got an active Aus number from our recent trip if you just need a verification text, PM me if you do.

              • @Kiwi: Cheers for the offer. I managed to log in to both my Telstra and Kayo accounts so all good there. Good timing too. A week later, Kayo gave me a month free. Will be activating it tomorrow.

  • I'm just starting to think about what to do for the rugby world cup. Skysport at $45 a month, probably need 2 months, that's a no for me. ITV has the UK rights, it seems they have an xbox one app do I'm thinking a dns service and the ITV app on the xbox. I haven't been able to work out yet if they have live streaming on the app or if its just on demand programming.

    Anybody else got some ideas in getting the world cup?

    • +1

      I watched the last World Cup via the ITV streaming app. Worked fine

      • Good to know. What devices did you use and which dns service?

        • +1

          I believe I used the Amazon Fire stick last time around. I now have an Apple TV 4K and ITV runs sweet on it.

          I use DNS4ME. Been using them for years and they've been great.

          • @Stoffel: I have a 10% off code if anyone wants it (DNS). Not something to be shared publicly. Used it a month ago with no issues.

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