Looking for Hair Clipper Recommendation

Any hair clipper recommendations? Prefer a cordless one.
Did some search across ozbargain and other sites.
Wahl seems to be the recommended one. There are so many different models, and don't know which to choose.
Is shavershop the better option for Wahl or are there other shops?


  • Can't comment on a particular brand but I can say having used a number over the last 15 years to cut the families hair don't go cordless. They just don't have the grunt required and didn't last.

    My current one is an good old fashioned corded clipper set that i think I paid $30 for. I just plug in an extension cord to get the extra reach needed.

    • My hairdressers only use cordless clippers. I believe the brand is Wahl. Not sure model.

      • Probably the magic or legend model.

  • Surely it's Panasonic, go with either ER1611 or ER-GP82, I've been using my ER1611 for the last 6.5 years and the battery still goes strong.

  • I have Philips HC7450, bought about 4 years ago. The shape/weight make it really easy to use, and the continuous length adjustment is really nice, but the hair guide feels a little fragile due to its unusual design.

    The clippers are also edging towards under-powered, so I wouldn't recommend for anyone with coarse or really thick hair. My hair is on the finer side, and the clippers start to bog down if I let my hair grow too long between cuts. I think this is mainly because the guide traps longer hair, which then gets pushed onto the blade, along with the uncut hair, in the next stroke. Note that this isn't just an issue for cordless clippers: my previous cheap corded ones had a similar problem. My parents' corded Wahl brick clippers, on the other hand, power through my dad's very course hair.

  • Wah has so many models, I can't tell which ones are good enough for home use and which ones are professional

    Or how many hair guides I need

  • +1 for Wahl 6000cc cordless clipper. So far so good and I've owned for a couple of months, purchased through Shavershop. The Wahl models between the NZ and AU online stores look to differ. But from my own research when hunting suggested looking for the USA made versions.

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