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Socks from $1.95, Hats from $2.95, T-Shirts from $6.95 + $10 Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend Code) @ Culture Kings


Noticed this sale earlier today. Might be of interest to some of you.



NZ Express 4-8 Business Days
$15.00 or FREE over $150 NZD

NZ Standard 6-8 Business Days
$10.00 NZD

Free shipping on orders over $50 with code.



New Customers 3.50%
Existing Customers 1.40%

Shopback (don't know if it works on Cutlure Kings NZ)
14% (was 3.50%)

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  • Hopefully this stock is in better condition than your recent shoe order!

    • What a stitch eh! At least they gave me a free tracking label for the return (usually costs if under $100). What a laugh though. Order size11 shoes, get already worn size 10s.

  • +1

    Not for me but thankyou for the share

  • Why is everything showing as a more expensive price when i click on it ? For example a item will be $6.95 on the list of items in the link you provided but when you click on it or add to cart it changes $7.95 ? Seems to add $1 on all items i have tried so far! Weird.

    • Can you try the deal link again? I think there may have been some remnants of the AU version of this sale attached to it somehow. A mixup of store location and currency.

      • +1

        Yeah you are probably right. After a bit more shopping it has stopped doing it with most items but still with some. Now most items are just displaying at the higher price. Anyway still a good find if you are into this type of stuff. Thanks for the post mate.

  • I get the same thing. I came across some women's shorts for 24.95 than added to cart and it added an extra $20. Now when I view shorts it shows the higher amount. Is doing this for a few things

  • Thanks, got heaps of socks. Said low stock so fingers crossed I'll get them all. Good gifts for fam ^_^

  • has anyone tried the tees original rrp80$?

  • Do Culture Kings give out free shipping codes?

    • +2

      Someone over at OzBargain mentioned a free shipping for orders over $50 code which I've now added to this post. Tested and works.

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