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Cheese Pizza $20 (Normally $29), Meatball Pizza $25 (Normally $37) @ Sals (Online Order, Pickup Only)


From Facebook

🎉 It’s the best day of the year… WORLD PIZZA DAY! 🌏🍕 It’s unknown who created this magical day (and who cares), it’s the perfect reason to Sal’ebrate the world’s most perfect meal… a circular pie, packaged in a square box, and served as a triangle slice.. PIZZA, a thing of beauty!
So, to honour WORLD PIZZA DAY we’ve got TWO special ONE DAY ONLY deals! $20 Cheese Pizzas and $25 Meatball Pizzas available ONLINE ONLY for February 9th, 2022 - TODAY! Just use the following codes online:
Use the online code: "WorldPizzaDayCheese" for the $20 Cheese Pizza!
Use the online code: "WorldPizzaDayMeatball" for the $25 Meatball Pizza!
In pizza we crust! ❤🍕


Offers available for February 9th, 2022 only. Only available with the online codes “WorldPizzaDayCheese” or “WorldPizzaDayMeatball”. Pick-up only, not available in-store or with delivery. 1 per person, 1 per order. Not valid with any other voucher, deal or discount. While stocks last.

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  • +2

    I just checked their Instagram page and it says the deal is today, 9th Feb

  • +1

    If meatball pizza is out of stock, looks like you can get cheese and add meatball. Not the same discount but close enough discount.

    • Haha I just did this except I added pepperoni - thanks for the tip.

  • +1

    Damn thats a good deal

  • +4

    Thanks. I just made an order for a cheese pizza. I added basil and wasn't charged for it.

    • Works with the meatball code too if you still have meatball.

      Also if you remove cheese the -$7 does work with the code.

  • Chur OP, grabbed a meatball for the fam tonight! Happy World Pizza Day cheapies, may your dishes be deep and always arrive hot! 🍕

  • +1

    These are such atrocious pizzas for the price, always tastes like they have been in the warmer all day.

    • Yeah, well, that's just, like your opinion, man.

      • +2

        Yeah, he enjoys giving his opinion. Which I’ve noticed is negative most the time.

    • +2

      And too salty too.
      Can't wait mikenz to say my comment is salty too 😁

    • How many times have you actually bought them? Or is it family that likes them? If it were me, after 2 times of them tasting like they'd been in the wamer all day I probably wouldn't try again, especially given the price

      • -1

        Thrice. They are across the road from the best pizza in the city, alligator, which was open weird hours. Sometimes if it was closed id go over to Sal's for a half assed, half sized, more expensive, generic ingredient slice.

  • Sorry, Victoria St Hamilton cannot currently take online orders. We are currently waiting on a delivery of cheese. We will be available once we have more. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Mmmmm, cheeseless pizza.

      • You could actually order either pizza cheeseless for -$7 (so $13 or $18) if they let you

    • This is where I got mine (ordered it online early in the afternoon for a 5:15 pickup). There were a few people waiting on their online orders, and when I wished the lady a happy pizza day, she was like “Oh, so THAT’S why we’ve so many orders!” I said “That, and the fact that you’ve got a one-day-only online promo running…” apparently they hadn’t been told… 😳🙈

      • Was wondering if it could be just front line staff who somehow never got the message but stores running out of meatball so fast suggests a different story. Also when I was at Parnell the manager or someone seemed to be trying to get meatballs off someone tomorrow since they ran out. Think it was another store rather than their supplier from the conversation but not sure.

        Fairly poor on Sal's marketing department if they came up with a promotion then never told their franchisees, especially if they really had been planning this since 19 January.

  • Interesting the WorldPizzaDayMeatball says valid from 19 January to 9 February. Wonder if it's really been around that long or they just added it but set an odd date

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