SodaStream Cost Effectiveness

I bought a sodastream source off Facebook for $40 because my household drinks gin and tonics most nights which has a few issues: all the plastic piling up, 2.25L bottles going flat if we skip a few nights, and having to make extra supermarket trips or buying a bunch of bottles on the weekly shop. So far I've been really disappointed by the economics of it. The carbon dioxide from the standard refills works out at about $0.50 a litre, and the cheapest tonic syrup is at best $8 for the Sodastream branded 500ml, which is $1.50/L on sale, but also in a plastic bottle which is a bit annoying if trying to reduce plastic, all the way up to the Soda Press Organic Tonic syrup at $3.20/L on sale. Oh Bubbles make a syrup that's in the middle price-wise. I've had the Barkers syrup too which I've been making a bit weaker and that's about $1.90/L although I usually make it a bit weaker than their prescribed amount.

So at a minimum it's $2/L, meanwhile at PaknSave I can get the Schweppes standard for about $1.66, or Pams for $1.25.

I know there's adaptors for sale on TradeMe for refilling canisters elsewhere although not sure what that costs but that doesn't really solve the expensive syrup problem.


  • I looked at SodaStream a while back and came to the same conclusion - it is not actually cheaper.

    I don't drink G&T myself, but the preferred Tonic here is actually Countdown's Diet Tonic which is, I believe, $1.30 per 1.5L bottle - seemed to be a little cheaper than SodaStream, but maybe more like 2/3 the price from your calculations (or, to put it the other way, SodaStream is about 50% more expensive).


  • Yeah it doesn't make sense cost wise when comparing what you would/could buy otherwise. In saying that we have one (donated to us), that we enjoy and its nice to use for the different mixes/flavours you can buy. Certainly not a replacement for standard soda (coke , etc) based on price.

  • Although not your primary gripe, as you mention there are alternative gas options on TrqdeMe. I got a "SodaMod" and have found it not great. You have to adjust the pin in the adapter it comes with to get the gas flowing properly and despite trying and trying with it, it's just not right. A refill of gas from the local gun shop was also $15 whereas I was expecting it to be $10.

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    “Freedom one sodastream adapter hose” and a large co2 bottle is what you want, so you’ll be out about 300.

    Particularly if you have soda stream in same spot and you can drill a hole in to the bench.

    I have a co2 bottle for my beer which cost about 250 new, but if you’re doing soda stream it will probably last you 10 years or more, and then at current prices about 50 to refill. Brings the cost closer to 5c for gas per L

  • Interesting thread - would love to know how to get my hands on a system that I can refill my 60l bottles at home if there is a way and where to source the parts?

    • You can just screw off the top and put the same weight of dry ice into it as it says on the outside.
      The only problem is, I can't find dry ice in small quantities, only 5KG or more.

    • You can, but it’s not easy and still requires a large co2 bottle to fill from. And somewhere safe for the escaped co2 to go without killing you.

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    Some more practical ways to save a few $ other than filling your own.

    It also seems to make a difference how much you press the button. I notice my kids hold it down for ever and we seem to rip through the canisters when it doesnt actually need that much and if your a lot more careful it lasts a lot longer.

    One way that can work to save some money is with Briscoes. When they have 60% off everything in store type sales - this usually makes the refills a lot cheaper than other places.

    Also I often ask for canisters at the counter- dont offer to swap one. Some of the time they give you one and either dont know its a swap or forget to ask - as such I have like 5 of them now, which means a big fill up with the sale comes. I often also see them in hospice stores and the like for very cheap. Its a lot better to have a few of them than just one.

    • I thought Briscoes had stopped putting them in their 60% off sales.

      • I have seen this, often i notice they seem to take the syrups off the shelf "out of stock" rather than excluding them - usually the canisters thou I havent had a problem i think because the forget they are behind the counter. Seems a bit random thou. Definitely does work thou.

  • So how many litres can you make with the large soda stream branded co2 bottle. Is this from testing or is it just claimed amount.

    • I'm just going off their claim but almost definitely get through it faster, since I often do three or four presses and I wouldn't be surprised if they calculated it based off only one.

  • I usually get my 60 litre refill from Noel Leeming for $20.84 and Pepsi Max for $8.03 using the CSCBG Main Account.
    What and where are other prices around the place for refills, etc ?

    • It hadn't occurred to me to use the Noel Leeming card. I imagine you're redeeming that in store then, how does that work with the membership?

      • Just show them your card.

        • I just order online & then collect from the store. Have been doing it for ages and no one has asked for membership card.

          • @Bagman: Can you buy coke zero concentrate?

            • @kiwijunglist: I have never seen it .
              I am diabetic and have found the Pepsi Max the best sugar free option on whats available, so far.

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            @Bagman: If you order online, you claim the discount there, so they won't ask you for the card when you collect (at least it has never happened to me!)


  • Has anyone exchanged their Sodastream 60L gas cylinder with Noel Leeming recently?

    Their refill webpage is no longer available on the website, comes up with an error page :(

    There's only brand new 60L cylinder for $32.02 after CSCBG discount.…

    Also, how much is the Briscoes 60L refill/cylinder exchange these days? There's nothing mentioned on their website.
    The only other source is Mitre10 which says $26 cylinder swap in-store.

    In Auckland the cheapest option currently is still CO2 refill with Home Brew West ($19.90 for 60L), but it's a bit far for me.…

    • Might be useful to you if you reply to some of the comments in the below link (re: Briscoes)

      • Thanks Wakrak!

        Looks like it's around $27 at Briscoes pre-discount. Guess I'll wait until next Briscoes sale.

        • +1

          Got the 60L refill today from Briscoes at Manukau Supa Centa for $22.94.
          Person at the counter said that they have stopped doing the 30L refills anymore, as I tried to buy a 30L refill as well.

          • @Bagman: Thanks for letting me know.
            I ended up getting Noel Leeming refill through Flybuy store instead which costed 140 pt, as there was no Briscoes sale at the time when I needed to buy, and ~$23.80 felt reasonable (if 1pt=17c).

            $22.94 must be with the recent Briscoes sales. (Equates to ~15% off from presumed $27 original price). I need to hunt for a spare cylinder from the hospice shop so I can stock up too.

  • Just an update :
    Briscoes have the gas refills for $18 at the moment.
    Also, you can trade the old 30l bottle for the 60l one for $18 as well, this will stop soon.

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