JB Hi-Fi Price Match

Anyone know if JB Hi-Fi does price matching? Can't find anything on their website.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


  • Yeah they do. I've gone in store once and they price matched a product from Harvey norman.

  • Probably a bit like Harvey Norman, they will price match where they can but won't go below their cost if someone has a mega super deal

  • I went in to price match a switch game that was half price at EB games, they price matched no problem.

  • I tried to price match some Galaxy Pro Buds (389 RRP) to Noel Leemings (199) just before christmas.
    They said no as the cost price difference was too high… (Cost 319)

  • Yeah I got some Galaxy Pro Buds from Hardly Normals a couple months ago for $254 I think it was then later near xmas they were $199 …….theres NO way I'd pay $389. Just look on PriceSpy at the price history of things and they go UP and down like heaps at times….

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