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Free Parking Session with Parkable App


Received an email below. Not sure if it is targeted or valid for everyone

Claim your free session

1.) Open the Parkable app

2.) Load your voucher
Enter your promo code in the 'Voucher codes' section of your Parkable app by the end of January.
For New Zealand: 'HAPPY-2022-NZ'
For Australia: 'HAPPY-2022-AU'

3.) Start parking
Find a park on the Parkable app. Reserve 30 mins in advance or arrive and hit 'Start parking'. Your voucher will be automatically applied!*

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  • Doesn't seem to be targeted as I was able to add it and I've only otherwise used the app to redeem two other offers.

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    Cheers OP.

    A few points to add:

    • The Parkable deal never lasts until the time indicated (ie end of Jan in this case). Make sure you enter it in straight away as there is always an allocated amount of free vouchers and once they are gone the offer will be expired.
    • Once added the voucher lasts 90 days from when you entered it in the app.
    • You can enter both the NZ & AU codes.
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      I’m not sure about you but even though I’ve claimed the AU code, when you come to using it to park it will say no if a park is located in NZ

      • You might well be right.
        To be honest I don’t use Parkable very often so always have a heap of codes sitting in the app.
        Just assumed that because you could enter the AU code it would work here.

      • +2

        Agree, have been able to add the AU codes but not actually redeem them

  • Didn't work for me. I did received the email though.

    • Didn't work for me as well

      I entered on ParkMate. my apologies

    • Worked for me, both nz and au codes. Not sure if it's conditional but never used voucher codes on parkable before.

  • says not valid

  • works for me, thanks

  • +4

    Both codes worked but had a fail the time I actually tried to use this app for parking though. A carpark right next to where I needed to go told me one bay was available when I left home so I reserved it. Got there and it was full, despite the app still telling me my reserved one was available. Given peak hour traffic it took another half hour to get to somewhere else I could park (ended up having to use a Wilson carpark) and thankfully I'd left early enough that I still just made the appointment. Haven't tried the app again yet as not sure I can trust the space I reserve will be available when I get there.

  • Thanks. Managed to redeem both codes.

  • Thanks OP, the NZ one worked for me

  • I tried to use the code in December, assuming they would use the code that expires in January but the app used the one expires in March. Did I do something wrong? Or it there a way to choose which code to use? Thanks

    • Similar happened to me. I think maybe your January code was an AU code that as people are saying above, theyve been able to add but not redeem. So it used your next NZ code

      • The January one was a NZ code. And if you had similar happened as well, maybe this is just how they operate. Thank you!

        • Ah ok. Pretty sure mine was an AU code issue

  • Thanks, the NZ code has been saved successfully in the app.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks work for me. I now have 6 vouchers in this app I will probably never use

  • +1

    Thanks op 😊i have given you a like hope everyone else does to

  • Managed to load and redeem this today, thank you

  • Havent used Parkable before but i have a question:

    With the code we get 1 free casual parking session, does that mean only the first hour is free or however long i park there?


    • The entire session is free until the parking close time.

      • Wow that's a deal and a half then I have so many codes active still in my wallet thankyou again

        • I'm the same.
          Six active codes in there for me (although half of them are the AU codes, so maybe only three that will work).
          I keep forgetting to use it.

        • It's amazing. One of the parks is in the basement of my office building in the CBD so very worth it staying the entire day.

    • Genuine question, I parked in a spot today. The carpark is 24-7 though, can I just have a session run in perpetuity?

      • Ah never mind, it closed itself after 12 hours.

        • That's a pretty long time

  • What's still a good deal tho I'm sending it to my mate in Australia now

  • +1

    Think the AU code got OzBargained.

  • Has anyone used there's yet I've had a read of the instructions is it that straight or do I have to load a card onto it to get the free parking

    Thanks op

    • you dont need to load a credit card, you can just use your free parking voucher.

      • Thanks hello1111 😊

  • I much prefer the Wilson's carparks because it fills me with joy to dump a tube of superglue into their payment machine anytime I happen to need parking.

  • Thank you.
    Worked for me.

  • That worked for me, thanks heaps!

  • First time parking via Parkable with free voucher in Auckland CBD. Parked for 2 hours and didn't have to pay.

  • How good is that not having to pay tho 😊🤣that's the cheapies way

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