Outdoor Furniture Recommendations?

Anyone have recommendations for an L-shaped outdoor furniture set? Looking to spice up the bachelor pad for entertaining and I'm having a hard time balancing price vs quality. I'm looking for something comfortable and will last (happy to have a cover over it) at a reasonable price.

I missed the Mitre 10 Boxing Day 15% back in gift cards offer - I have ~$700 odd in Mitre10 gift cards from Airpoints to use at Mitre 10 but they didn't arrive in time for that deal.


  • Outdoor furniture is bloody pricey eh. I got two nice 1-seaters off Facebook for $200. Might be able to find something good on FB/TradeMe where you are. They might actually be from Mitre10 but I wasn't able to find the exact product online when doing a bit of background checking.

    Any preferences? whicker, wood? Cushions can be hit or miss too. Might just have to go and do some bum testing at a bunch of different stores.

    Containerdoor is another option…

    • We bought one from Container Door last year: https://www.containerdoor.com/nz/product_listings/dreamcaste...

      We are very happy with it but it's gone up a lot in the past 12 months, we got it for $799. Not sure I'd pay $1099 for it.

      • Is it comfortable? The cushions look kinda thin, like this M10 one I was looking at

        • It is thin but the foam is quite dense, so it's surprisingly comfortable. Not like a couch, mind you, but not as bad as it looks. Cushions are soft and plump

    • I checked TM locally and they're all wicker (which is fine) but they were all coming apart, hence why they were being sold. Seems wicker deteriorates from the sun in 2yrs or so if not covered. Will give FB a go, but ugh, so painful dealing with flakers on there

      I did the bum test at M10 and their pricier ones are much more comfortable than the cheaper ones, and the cheaper ones still seem too expensive. eg this is comfier than this. I guess you could always change the cushions with comfier ones from an old couch or something

  • We bought one from Smiths City a few years ago - happy with it, but have decided that we will replace it next year. We went with wood but feel like the oiling of it is too time consuming so will go with aluminium next time so that it can just be washed the same as the house!

    • Problem with aluminium is that the chairs are often so light that the slighest gust of wind will blow it away.
      Easy to move around and won't rust but be prepared to pack them away each time unless you want them in the neighbours back yard.

  • Oh - good to know! Thanks! Where we have it is fairly sheltered but I'll have a look before we buy!

  • FYI - you can just swipe your airpoints card at mitre10 at the checkout to redeem points dollar for dollar.

    Redeeming for giftcards at the online store was a waste of time

    • +2

      Yo Mitlz that you?
      "From 1 December 2021, if you want to use Airpoints Dollars™ to pay for your shopping in-store or online, you will need to purchase a Mitre 10 E-Gift Card from the Airpoints store. It’s easy to do and there are a range of gift card values available."

    • Yeah I would have just swiped if you were still able to

  • We recently got the Living and Co suite from The Warehouse. I was surprised by the quality to be honest.
    It's not this specific model (ours had a dining table - but doesn't seem to be in stock any more) however they do have this L shaped one.


  • I bought this set from Bunnings a few months ago: https://www.bunnings.co.nz/mimosa-solaris-corner-lounge-with...

    Had an issue with a weld cracking out of the box (sh*t happens) but they replaced it no hassle.
    My colleague has had this same set for over a year and is loving it - no issues.

    Powder-coated aluminium with some super comfy cushions at what I thought was a pretty reasonable price.

  • Got one from the warehouse under $1000. Happy with the quality so far

  • You could try ifurniture. Their prices seem very reasonable and the quality seems ok. They have a couple of physical stores in Auckland too if you want to see what their stuff is like.

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