Cooling Fan - any Recommendation?

Hi all, wanting to buy a fan for a friend in Auckland to deal with this hot weather. It's for her bedroom. Any recommendations of good reliable yet not too expensive fan that can deliver? Bonus point if it's free delivery :)



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    At the cheaper end of the market there is not a lot of difference in the basic fans.
    Something like this one for $20 from The Warehouse will do just as good a job.
    Or this one with a timer for $27.
    You can also use these with the Free Shipping codes.

    I would go with a pedestal fan rather than a desk fan for a bedroom as you want it to be elevated enough to get the air on you when you are trying to sleep.
    Bare in mind these fans are just moving the warm air around. It will help but you will still notice the heat.
    Keep the speed as low as possible that you notice some difference as the faster the speed, the more noise and more heat generated.
    Also don't necessarily open the windows - it might be cooler inside already than outside. Make sure the curtains are closed during the day to try and stop the room heating up as much.
    Other options include evaporative coolers but they are more expensive and don't always work as well as the marketing hype that goes with them.

    • this is such a good comment

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    Definately go for a fan with a DC motor if you have the budget, especially for a bedroom, you can turn them down low to get a nice breeze but are super quiet to not disturb sleep.
    Bonus points if it has a remote or WiFi, I have a Xiaomi fan I got from PBtech for the bedroom and love it, can control it from my phone, set how many degrees of rotation etc.
    This one here if your interested, I think I paid about $100 on special.

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      +1 for wifi fan. I ask me mate Alexa to turn it on for me.

  • Thanks all your your suggestions :)

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    We got for the bedroom, it has a sleep mode which is nice, but had to cover the led lights as they are quite bright

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    i got a tower fan. a bit noisy but can double as a spare heater in the winter so saves some space

  • Thanks all, I bought this tower fan from mitre 10, hopefully it does the job

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