How do you renew/renegotiate your insurance

So going over my insurance for my car I realized that State have devalued it by over $4000, and put the premium up. I really need to check my house insurance too.

The issue is I cannot call and ask (for multiple reasons) what the story is or for them to reassess, so what's the est way to go about this?

When I go though States online quote system at the original insured value I end up with a quote that is less than what I'm paying (even without the extra $50 off for signing up online). Can I just cancel my policy and redo it online? (Seems easiest)

(And yes, has to be State for my car, or I'd change)


  • Maybe you would be better off using a broker?

    I have done so in the past, and I got a better deal for a lower premium, but my requirements (and premiums) are now so low that I just do it myself, and if I pay a little more than necessary, I live with that.


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    As @Alan6984 mentioned above, using a broker may be beneficial and saves you from chasing different providers.
    What I wouldn’t do is just cancel you current insurance just in case you can’t renew (even with the same provider).
    If you are intending on remaining insured then you should never cancel until you have another option confirmed.
    Not being able to call and ask does make it more difficult - can you email if calling is not possible?

  • Only problem with a broker is it just depends on how many company’s the broker has an alliance with. Shop around, be surprised if you can’t do better by yourself. Having said that AA insurance after many years house, contents & car were FIFO (fit in or eff off) when I tried to negotiate them down to AMI’s price. Appears that every insurance company has someone has ex customers with a story to tell of their treatment. Good luck, insurance is never easy, bloody minefield trying to work out what they actually cover.

  • I tried to get a better price than a broker. They got me a much better deal. They also helped me make a claim too. Best thing about it all…broker is free. I used Kit at Blanket. Excellent communication and follow up email [email protected]

  • What about chat via Facebook? (listed on their contact page). Or if you get stuff via email can you reply to it? I had something similar with Tower, I can't remember if I cancelled then bought it again to get the cheaper rate or an agent adjusted it via chat or email.

  • I have been using TradeMe insurance and found them pretty fast to process a claim. You can try getting a quote and comparing covers.

    (even without the extra $50 off for signing up online) - I can't find such an offer on State insurance website. Where do you see this offer?

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