Zwift and Competitors Bike Trainer Subscriptions

Hi cheapies, I have a Wahoo Kickr bike trainer set up and keep going through trial memberships with zwift using different emails while dithering about which subscription to get. My partner and I both want to use it but Zwift's approach is to each have different subscriptions which really annoys me. No family plan or anything. I have used the companion app to change weight but you can't change your gender that way so the calorie count and watts won't be accurate for one of us. I did read you can create a child membership up until "your child" turns 16 but I would assume that'll affect the accuracy of watts as well - could be wrong.
Any recommendations about the best approach? I like Zwift but there's a lot of features we're not using. We're not competitive cyclists so the races don't appeal and the live aspect doesn't really do it for me. We basically both use it to cycle intervals to try build a bit of fitness, so seeing accurate watts is rewarding as that grows, as well as burning a few cals. Since I bought a nice trainer I'd like to make the most of it.


  • Zwift definitely has the biggest User base and most widely known / used. But as you say, you can't use the same profile for different people. Other platforms include:

    Wahoo SYSTM
    Road Grand Tours (RGT)

    However I know little about any of those, as I have only ever used Zwift personally.

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