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Krombacher Pils 5 Litre Keg $20 Clearance (Normally $40) @ Countdown (In-store Only)


Krombacher Pils 5 Litre Keg $20 Clearance (Normally $40) in Store at Countdown.

Don't ask me what it tastes like, I've never tried it. But I have seen this product on clearance at a number of stores. If you're interested you should call your local store to see if it's in stock before going in.

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Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)
Woolworths (Formerly Countdown)

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  • I've had this beer before isn't bad.
    $20 for the equivalent of ~15 beers is good value.

  • In store only otherwise you could have ordered online and collected if the store confirmed your order :-)

    If you 'divide' into 300ml bottles, it would come to 15 bottles for $20 so fair price as long as you like it.

    Edit: Thrifter beat me to the post by 1 sec!

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      I don't think the sentiment "if you like it" comes into question when posting on cheapies… ;)

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        Fair comment - the CC mantra is 'bugger it - I don't need it, but it's a great deal'!

        • This site clearing out The Warehouse's stock of rubber bands has got to be one of its finest achievements

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    Does this need to go in some kind of keg dispensing contraption or is it a keep in and pour from the fridge deal?

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      I think you decant it into your mouth.

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      Generally these have a contraption in the lid to pour/dispense.
      Great to take on the course for 18 holes

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        You really shouldn't drink and drive.

        • 👏

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          People downvoting me because they have ZERO sense of humor. I'm talking about driving golf balls dummies, it's a play on words, sorry I offended you by trying to have a bit of fun you sour mofos.

          • @[Deactivated]: Unfortunately from what I've seen, not everyone on Cheapies are the sharpest tool in the shed.I liked your pun. It was punny ;)

  • Typical Pilsner & an easy drinker :)

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    Bring back Southern Gold.

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      this made my day

  • Tried this before and its quite good. Picked up two kegs from Manukau store and they still had couple left in the chiller. Definitely worth the price!

  • How did I miss this when I was in store, surely they were out of stock.. don't… want… to.. go check.

    • You have half an hour to call your stores and to get there… Do it!!

      • They close at 9 here sadly :(

        • Haha, fingers crossed for tomorrow.
          My local New World closed at 7.30pm until very recently and my local bottle shop closes at 8pm on Friday night… Nelson is quite different to what I'm used to in Auckland.

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          my two locals were out of stock this evening, i remember seeing these last week but i brushed past and got Oettinger 500ml for $2.29 instead, generally its the cheapest beer, quite nice too.

  • Does anything know the percentage 4 or 5?

    • the bottled product says 4.8%

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    A video of the keg and how to use it. By the looks of it, it may take a couple of pours to get rid of the head.
    It looks like a clever design:

    • These kegs don't use that pouring method - it's a nozzle you simply clip onto the top.

  • How long will this last once opened? (serious question)

    I feel like it will take me weeks to finish

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      In your house, you can take up to 30 days after opening before the flavour/gas will start to degrade.

      I’m my house, it’ll do well to last the day…

      • Could last a few hours.

    • i would drink it fairly soon, i did buy some expired asahi once and i only got tipsy lol.

  • I got a couple before Xmas. Expiry 3 or 4 January. They are basically their own keg but best if in fridge or ice. Not sure about taste after expiry.

  • too bad my local countdown(or pak n save and new world) doesn't stock alcohol due to west liquor trust

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    Nothing Countdown Claudelands, Hamilton. Thought I'd have a look for the Cheapos as I walked to the bread isle.

    • As at 17:30 on Tue 11th, there’s still about 20 of them on shelf in the St. James store in Hamilton. I just grabbed the one. BB 17/02/22

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    Nothing in my local, so I picked up a consolation $3 660ml bottle of the stuff to feel included…

  • Got one at Countdown Victoria Street West. Was price ticketed at full price $38 but scanned at $20. 2 left on the shelf now.

    Best Before 16/02/22

  • Just got the last one at Countdown Borman Road in Hamilton, thanks OP

  • Thanks, picked one up in Chch. Countdown Colombo St still have a couple there.

    Sadly the coffee deal wasn't active there. Was hoping to cash in on 2 cheapies deals in one trip ;)

  • Thanks for that info.. My local countdown Takapau ( Tawa ) has stock $38 ticket price .$20 at check out . Look forward to sampling this afternoon .

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      Yeah same, got them to price check it, which was good meant others wouldn't notice haha

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    18 of them in Takanini Countdown as at 1700hus 12th Jan

  • 16 left at countdown meadowbank.

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    I just bought 3 from Countdown Botany.
    There was at least 20 left as of 3pm Friday 14th. 🍺

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