Fee When Receive Cashback from Kiwiwallet?

I just had my first Kiwiwallet cashback withdraw to my paypal account, there is $1.5 fee. I am not sure if this is a fee that charged by paypal? However, there was NO fee when I received cashback from Shopreward. Anyone knows why?

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  • Got response from Paypal:

    "This was a charge from PayPal for covering a processing fee incurred when Kiwiwallet used a credit card to send you this payment. Generally, Sender are supposed to be the one covering this fee but it appears that Kiwiwallet chose you to be charged for it. "

    I couldn't find any information on Kiwiwallet website in regards to the fee. It is not good practice to force customer to be respond to the covering fee. I was previously prefer kiwiwallet over shopreward, but I prefer shopreward now because there is no fee!

    • You are more of a supplier / creditor than a customer - they are paying you!

  • It is up to the sender who pays the fee, pretty pathetic on their part.

  • I only have about $6 owing to me, so not overly concerned if they are paying creditors using a credit card due to cash flow issues.

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