Bissell Proheat 2X Revolution Pet Pro - Potential Cheaper Price on JB Hifi

Heya, this is a long story about a potential deal and I wasn't sure where the appropriate place was to load it.

Just something that occurred to me now.

I've been looking at prices for this Bissell carpet cleaner for months and I was checking prices online during Black Friday. One of the places that I knew sells this cleaner was JB Hi-fi and strangely enough, the item disappeared from the website on the exact day.

So I called my local JB and sure enough, not only the brat who answered the phone said if it was removed from the website, it's because it was out of stock; he also refused to physically check on the area where I knew there were 3 machines sitting on display.

I was determined to investigate and got there to find the 3 machines I saw the week before, and on sale for $479. Which is way cheaper than the average $580—$700 everyone else was selling them for.

Even better - when I took it to the counter, it turns out that it was $419.

I paid for it and told them my phone experience, which the manager was notified of and slightly terrified.

Since then, the cleaners have not returned online, but I know they're still in stock in some stores.

Thought I'd throw this here in case someone is waiting for a deal on a brand new machine. This is an awesome one, with stairs and upholstery attachment. And the cleaning is insane. I've removed stains from my children's mattresses (I'll spare you guys from the kind of stains, but they're very old and I honestly didn't believe that it would ever work, but it did with the oxy shampoo that comes with it).



  • checked at the local Wairau Park store today, they have 6 units in NZ, all are almost certainly displayed. That is likely why it isn't online, the staff member said no stock was on order too so I wouldn't hold your breath on more stock being in soon either .

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      Thank you, MariusII66 :)

      Like I said, I am a customer, so not sure why it isn't on the website anymore, maybe they might stop selling it altogether? The reason I mentioned is because if there's a price drop, customers aren't aware.
      The guy I dealt with could have given me a correct answer, but when I told him "could you please go into the area and look if there's any in there since I see they're not on the website and I knew there were 3 in there less than a week ago?" - he just couldn't be bothered to go and check for me - hence why I had to go to the shop myself and do the work that it would have taken him less than two minutes. As a bonus surprise, I got it for a great price.

      They're not hiding the items; they just don't have it online and looks like it won't be. They are cheap (even if they are on the displayed price of $479 and not the $419 that I paid).

      It's more of a "hey, this is not an advertised special. But I know it's cheaper somewhere else, and people may be interested in taking a look - go check". Absolutely unsure of their logic on this, tbh.

    • Lynnmall had 3, 2 after I showed up. Just re-read your reply. Sorry! Give them a call and hopefully the idiot who spoke to me won't be the one answering.

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    Thanks for sharing, might go checkout the local store.

    • Are you in Auckland?

      • No, is it only Auckland stores?

        • I'm out of town atm but I got it from Lynnmall in Auckland. Interesting to see now if it's a localised thing. 🤔

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      It's $649 in lower hutt, 1 in stock with 1 on display

      • Been to my shop today. Still there for $479. When I took it to the counter, another $60 was knocked off.

        Must be a local thing then?

        • Darn, I wish I could buy it for that..

        • Any chance you could please take a picture of your receipt with price, date and jbhifi on it and pm me a link to image?
          Maybe they will do a deal

          • @Foodie: Absolutely. Just flicked you a message. 👍🏼

            • @tatianawise: Also, the extra $60 off could have been a black friday thing. So show both pics.

  • Thanks for posting this tatianawise. I have also been waiting for a deal on a cleaner for a while now. After a few phone calls I discovered there were none in the South Island, however I managed to secure the the last one from Palmerston North for $449 - they wouldn't sell for $419. I purchased it through the Riccarton store - they had the unit stock transferred down to the Christchurch store to avoid freight charges. This method may be useful there are none available at your local store - if you ask JB they can check which stores have stock.

    • I just realised that I grabbed the wrong item 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I'll have to make a few calls tomorrow to get the return sorted as they have a 60 day refund guarantee (still unopened). I'm so sorry for starting this thread - make sure you have the 2066F!

    • Did you get the cleaner for $449 or the vacuum only?

      • Was following this post until seeing that it was a different model completely,
        I personally ordered the proheat 2066f model for 578 delivered yesterday with a 709ml 2X Allergen Removal Formula Concentrate also included , was the best deal i could find at the time of ordering

  • I got model 2066F for 449 - Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Carpet & Upholstery Washer with 3x 236ml sample bottles of shampoo/oxy boost.

    • Spoke to them today, apparently these are the last models they're going to be selling instore. They're not going to have it in their shops. But it's back online so it seems to be an online only product.

      I'm really sorry for the mix up. Once you take a look at it, they're pretty similar looking. But it looks like some people got a deal, so it see. So it's not a bad thread after all 😂😅😂😅

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