Ecosa Mattress Reviews - Recommend or Not?

Hey there, just wondering if anyone uses or has used an Ecosa Mattress?
Overdue to replace the bed but not sure if these are any good or if I should stick with the traditional spring bed.
Thanks in advance


  • Haven't tried Ecosa, but I have been on a Koala for about 4 years, and have no plans to ever go back to a spring mattress. They are lightweight (easy to change sheets and rotate), very comfortable (which is subjective), and far cheaper than a comparable pocket spring mattress. And so far it's lasting at least as well as I'd expect a spring mattress to last, if not longer.

    Look out for a deal, they have them often, and give them a try. If you don't like it, you can always return it.

  • It's a personal thing, and everyone will have a diff feeling on them.

    But yeah just try them, nothing to lose with the refund scheme.

  • My parents got another brand, but they found it too firm and are buying the topper pad to make it softer. So I think o need to factor in the topper pad price unless you like a firm mattress YMMV.

    • Someone in a previous post said they contacted the company and they sent out an extra soft layer or topper, can't remember which company, but it's on one of these mattress threads.

  • It's a personal thing. They have a very good 100 day trial and you can return it without questions.

    We used 1 for around 6 months and bought another one last month for other room. Very happy with it. We like bit firm mattress and so it works for us.

  • I got an Emma single mattress for the spare bed, worked out to be $368 delivered with whatever discounts they had at the time. Would recommend it over an equivalent spring mattress for sure, it's quite firm but still contours nicely. Plan to replace our main bed with a similar foam one when it's time comes too.

  • We recently got a Winkl and Ecosa to try. We found the Ecosa way too firm for us, and that’s on the softest setting out of the box(and coming from a relatively firm spring mattress) Winkl has a softer, more memory foam like feel and although it took awhile to adjust we have liked it so far.

  • Appreciate the responses!
    I currently have a bed that is a mattress + box spring base set? (Not sure if thats the correct term).
    Do i need to buy a wooden bed frame/base to use with these memory foam mattresses?
    Is anyone using one on their old spring bed base?

    • If it fits, yea. It's what I'm doing with the single I mentioned above.

    • Pro Tip: Whichever foam mattress you buy, it takes around a day or more to fully inflate itself after opening. Plus around a week or so in a ventilated room to remove the smell. I kept the mattress in spare room for a week before using it. They are not that heavy to should be easy for 2 people to move around.

      Also, try it atleast for 3-4 weeks before deciding to return it.

  • tried them all. ecosa is firm but not as firm as a spring can get and you can change the firmness esp if you have guests over. winkl is great if you like soft comfy beds. i would prob change and stay with foam mattress when my spring one is due to be replaced.

  • My review is a bit unique as mine must be 6 or 8 years old. It was 4 or 5 years old when I got it second hand, and we have had it a further 3. There is pretty significant body grooves or sag now. Still find it comfortable. Undecided if I would buy another. Helpful I know! But just pointing out that over the longer term these do collapse quite a bit where you lie on them.

  • +1

    I can recommend Napp mattresses. Same idea as Ecosa, but not quite as firm. Made in NZ. I've had it for about 3 years and it's wonderfully comfortable. Ended up buying one for my father too, who loves his. Excellent customer service too.

  • Have a 'Napp' mattress and love it. According to Consumer its the softest they tested and these foam mattresses are normally at the firmer end. Theres a 100 sleep policy where you can return it for a full refund if you dont like it and a 10 year warranty from defects. Very happy.

    • +1

      Yeah, I was going to choose between Emma, Winkl or Napp and ended up buying Napp because same day pick up (and they have a warehouse in North Shore) whereas Emma you had to wait for shipping

      • only thing of note is the smell took longer to disappear on ours than most people say

  • Container door do their own version. We’ve got two from them, they’ve been great.

  • Found that the ecosa mattress is very comfortable but be aware that even with a topper it's still relatively firm. Thinking about replacing it with a Purple Mattress

    • Try Napp

      • Sweet, will have a look, thanks.

        • +1

          Consumer rated it the softest of the lot (I have one and love it)

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