Anyone Know of Any Eyetest Deals?

I need new prescription glasses and have read good things about "Zenni".
From what I can see, $60 at specsavers is the way to go? Thanks


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    Specsavers always have half price deals, just have to look around.

    Remember to ask for the prescription to be printed out after you've paid or they won't print it.

    • you might be asked for ID though.

    • Thanks, have sent myself a voucher

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        Read the fine print, it says "Offer expires 31 December 2021" so possibly isn't useable.

    • you can change the vuowa to another business name, asb, westpac, spark , vodafone .. etc

      • anz, asb, bnz, acc, mbie, xero and so on all seem to work

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    Depends where you are? Auckland Uni has a eye clinic

    • $50.. takes a while since its students doing it… but I think its more extensive than what specsavers does. They scanned my eyeballs and stuff for practice.

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      We always go Auckland uni. They are students working under supervision but are alot more thorough with the tests.

  • Aa gives you free eye test every 2 years.

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    If you are a Southern Cross member, I think you can get a free eye test once every two years.

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      Yep, just got this a couple of weeks ago from SC:

      You and every family member on your policy can get a FREE eye test and digital retinal scan [from OPSM]…

      Just book and show your Member card on arrival (it’s also on the app) or mention your number and they’ll do the rest.

      Didn't seem to have an expiry on it. Also +1 for the comment to ask for your printed prescription before you leave. They are obligated to provide it on request, but usually it doesn't include one important measurement: pupillary distance (PD) which is important for ordering glasses.

      Pro tip #1: There's a millimetre or two difference between the PD for distance and close up. So if you measure it yourself (not hard, lots of tutorials online including on Zenni) take into account whether your glasses are for general use, near-distance (eg computer screen) or close up (eg reading, sewing, model making, etc) otherwise your glasses could strain your eyes in uncomfortable ways.

      Pro tip #2: Zenni is fantastic, I've ordered lots from them, never been disappointed with the quality. But be careful with sizing. The "virtual fitting" feature is kind of neat, but not always accurate. Check each of the glasses measurements (eg lens width/height, bridge width, total width) against an existing pair of glasses/sunglasses to get a feel for how each model might actually fit and look on your face, as there is a lot of variation.

      Pro tip #3: I always buy a spare frame from Zenni. It's super cheap and means you can swap out parts or the whole thing if you need to. Just add a second pair with no prescription ("Frame only"). It will come up as less than the list price (which includes lenses).

      Pro tip #4: Since you're spending 1/4 to 1/10 the NZ optometrist prices for glasses, go wild. Buy several different types, you're bound to like one more than the others but won't know until you try them on. I usually spend around $80-90 for myself per pair (I need the high refractive index lenses, and get extras like anti-reflective coating).

      Pro tip #5: If you know anyone that has ordered recently from them, they often get a discount code for the next order, but it could be targeted. Watch out for specials and codes, maybe sign up for emails from them and see if they offer you anything.

      I'm sure others will have more pro tips to add.

      • Thanks! Yeah I was wondering about that pupilatory distance, does the eye test give you that?

        • At specsavers, only when you buy frames+lenses with them.

          What happens if optometrist does your eye test in backroom, then you back to the store and browse for a frame you like, then the sales person measures your PD with a binocular like device

          If you ask the optom to measure your PD she'll say she doesn't do that only the sales person does

          • @justaddwater: Yeah, at every optometrist I've been to they record it but it strangely doesn't print out on the prescription - even on prescriptions that have a box printed for it! I think it's a deliberate attempt to make it harder to order glasses online.

            But it's not too hard to do yourself in the mirror. Do it several times to be sure.

      • In terms of SX, there is no expiry (unless they stop it altogether I guess) - they have been offering this for many years, just with the periodic limit (once a year or every two years or whatever it is).

  • Oscar Wylee does free eye tests upon purchasing glasses.

    A comprehensive eye test is free upon purchase of glasses on the same day, otherwise the cost is $30.

    I just placed an order for their glasses (got my 2 yearly free Specsavers test and took my prescription to them) and it was slightly cheaper.

    Have a look at Lentes and Marcos which are also free, but I'm not sure if it's dependent on you purchasing glasses. But these two places are generally cheaper than the bigger ones nowadays.

  • So, having recently gone through this I have a couple suggestions….

    1. I got my eye test free at OPSM given I'm a Southern Cross member. Well actually I paid $30 as they offer an "enhanced" test over the free one and as my eyes are so poor, id not had a test in 4+ years and id tipped 40yrs old I paid for the upgrade. I believe there's a similar free test deal if you are an AA member with Specsavers.

    2. I made sure to ask for a copy of my prescription and importantly the PD number before I left the store.

    3. While in store I tried many frames and found a pair I liked. I notes the make (Oakley), model and size. They priced it up, I paid, then went home and looked for a better deal.

    4. I found a website called Smartbuyglasses and their price for same frames and lenses was $200 less than OPSM. I also used a browser extension called Honey which found a coupon code that gave a bit more off.

    5. I called OPSM to see if they would meet or better the online price and they wouldn't budge. They refunded me over the phone.

    6. My glasses turned up last week from Hong Kong. Very happy with them and delivered within 2 weeks.

    7. I looked at a few different online ordering sites but didn't want the rigmarole of ordering some no brand frames I hadn't already tried on my face, not liking them on arrival and trying to return. I was happy to pay for a brand name available in shops here I could try on and be happy with before ordering online.

    If you don't mind giving it a bit of front walking in to an opticians, finding a pair of frames you like and getting your prescription on paper then you will save by ordering online with relatively low risk given my recent experience.

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