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Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones $308 + Delivery @ The Market


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They're back again and I think its the cheapest is ever been @ 308, or must be close to it

Coupon code BOX30 takes it down to 308 from 348

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  • Wow wish I held off at Black Friday… Good deal if you don't have one already.

  • How good are they compared to a basic cheap pair?
    I've been using my 1st noise cancelling headphones for almost 6 months (Kogan brand). I'd give them a C+
    They pass but the noise canceling isn't ok, and the audio is playable for a few hours before I want a rest. But for the price (about $70) they are great value.
    Will the Sony be worth 5+ times the cost? I don't expect 5 times as good, but they need to be a big step up in noise canceling & sound quality to be able to justify buying.

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      go try them if you are close to a shop

      • Thanks, wise advice.
        I'll be getting up early to beat the boxing day crowds.

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      Ill let you know after they arrive ;)

      Ive had a mid range pair of Sony's WL NC headphones for years which were very good, and I expect these to be a decent step up from those

      Reviews tend to put them then near the top of the class without spending crazy money.

      Im sure there will be people on here that have purchased them during previous deals that can give a mini review

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      The noise cancelling is fantastic on these. The sound is good as well but they are a bit heavy on the bass. If you don't have anything to compare to its fine but comparing it to a balanced set it's a bit heavy for my liking. I've had to use the app to knock the bass down a few notches and it's still a bit much. They are great for drowning out your surroundings though.

    • I have the xm3s and I think the reviews are a little bit soft handed when it comes to being critical. Frankly the noise canceling is not that remarkable, it still lets plenty of outside noise come in and with out anything playing, I can still perfectly make out whole sentences people are saying from a room away. I don't actually like the noise cancelling feature that much and prefer it to be set on no ambient sound control unless I want to not hear something like lawn mowing, it makes the noise still very clear but less loud and at an uneasy frequency. The ambient sound feature is also quite poor and I truly never set it to that, the problem stems from an almost carsick feeling I get with the settings when there is nothing playing. When there is everything gets pretty much drowned out anyway and neither setting makes much difference. The biggest factor I have found to be for me is comfort, these headphones aren't great in breathability, you can expect to be sweating around the ear cups on a hot day and god forbid you decide to exercise in them. I find the clamping of the head phones to result in a severe head ache within possibly 5 hours of continued use to the point where you feel like your head is going to burst. If you have any hair at all, the top band of the head phones causes a significant indentation at the top of your head. These problems really come down to whether a headphone is actually the best option for you, compared to a true wireless earbuds.

      For $300 it would still not be a easy choice as to whether it is worth it or not, but I think it more depends on the price you are willing to pay for a more "luxurious" experience.

      A heavy user like me, it's a much easier option to opt for something more expensive considering the impacts it will have, but even then since I use them mostly at home and at close distance to my device, the upgrade is surprisingly not that significant.

      I will say that they have impressed me with their quality, and there is truly a difference in its durability compared to something cheaper. I know someone who bought one of those $150 sennheisers that had an ear cup fall off quite quickly. My points kind of just show why airpods are so popular

      For sound quality, I haven't noticed anything wrong which tends to be a good thing, but these are not going to be so great that it will be discernible with an average pair of wired headphones other than being able to produce a lot more bass and possibly a bit richer sound unless you are listening to lossless through a cable. To note they are actually extremely loud, louder than some laptop speakers.

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      Personally they get good reviews because they are actually good. Amazing in airports and on planes, so weird having so much noise around you and putting puppies on and the sound just gets sucked away. Yes you can still hear things outside of them, some people have unreal expectations of noise cancelling thinking it means ‘cancels out all sound and should be dead silent’. When it comes to noise cancelling its the clipping you want be weary of, what I mean by this is to create a noise cancelling effect the device has to take the ambient sound and in real time counter it with a frequency that would cancel it out, clipping is when it has trouble cancelling out the noises like when theres too many going ok and some of the sound gets through, it can be a little annoying on which is what you can get with cheaper headphones. The Sony’s are probably one of the best things I’ve bought my entire life.

    • I have a lower-end pair of over-ear Sony ANCs (ZX770BN) that I got for about $170 three years ago and the noise cancelling is OK, battery life is OK, comfort is OK.
      Because I'm cool with my current pair of over-ear headphones, when the latest Sony generation came out, instead of buying the WH-1000XM4 I chose the WF-1000XM4 - these are their flagship earbuds with ANC. I use the ZX pair when I'm at home on my computer, and I use the WF earbuds everywhere else.

      • I currently have the same Sony ANCs (ZX770BN) as you have but always keep wondering whether its worth upgrading considering i got mine for $75
        justifying even the $300 spend is hard

  • Brought a pair of these at the last sale. Had to return them due to a sound issue and they have now been replaced, the new pair seems fine so far.
    But really I wish I had brought another pair of the Sennheiser pxc 550-ii (brought a pair for my wife at last sale) which overall have a much nicer user interface and better fit.

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    It’s a popular misconception that active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones can block out any sound around you. People purchase them in the hopes of dimming kids at play, loud-talking officemates, the barking dog next door, and airplane engines. The trouble is, active noise cancellation is effective on only one of those things. Spoiler: It’s the airplane engine. ANC works on constant sounds in the 50hz to 1khz range - think constant low frequency sounds like engine noise and air conditioning fans.

    With that said this is a great deal, I have a pair of these Sny XM4’s and they are very good. For context I also own or have owned the following headphones: Bose QC25, Bose QC35, Bose QC35 ii, Bose Soundlink, Sennheiser PXC 550-ii, Sennheiser HD3.50BT, JBL Everest 710ga, JBL E65BTNC, Beats Studio3, Skull Candy Crusher Wireless. My personal favs are the Bose QC35’s and Sony XM4’s. Price wise the Sony’s are a lot cheaper so are better value. The Sony’s have excellent ANC, are very comfortable, sound pleasing to my average joe ears, and are well built. The only negative is the multi device pairing is not very good. They get excellent reviews - Google “Sony WH-1000XM4 reviews” as there are tons out there.

    • I have the XM3's and agree that the active noise cancelling is rarely helpful. I don't use it at all, only the noise cancelling.

    • The multi pairing mode everyone wanted I had to turn off. I use mine in my work laptop for calls and if I got a call on my phone whilst in a meeting it just kicked me out the meeting which wasn't ok.

  • Some Noel Leeming stores have display models so you can try before you buy

  • Got this headphone thanks to your post! Great deal :)

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