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30% off Consumer NZ Membership (Online Membership from $8.40 / Month)


We'd love to give you a 30% discount on a Consumer NZ membership – just in time to check out all the best buys in the end-of-year sales! You’ll get instant access to thousands of expert reviews, plus the option to subscribe to our bi-monthly Consumer magazine. But be quick, this offer ends on Boxing Day.

Simply use the promo code*:


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Consumer NZ

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  • Wasn't there a post earlier someone looking for people to share this membership? I'll be keen.

  • Also note the code can be used on the 2 year subscription making it $5.24 per month :)

  • +2

    Surely a membership to cheapies supercedes this?

    • +1

      Nope. Cheapies lets you know a thing is cheap. Consumer lets you know if it's good.

      • Cheapies also lets your know if it is good. Sometimes the advices from fellow Cheapies is way better than the reviews on these websites. No way I would be paying anything to read a review of the product. Consumer NZ is somewhat like Trademe, charging a lot for a service that should be free and make their revenue from webpage Ads.

        • +1

          Why should Consumer be free? It's not a charity.

          • @elbrownos: Free doesn't mean it has to be charity. They could rely of webpage ads.
            If I want to buy a product there are many websites that does the review, get the info from forums like Cheapies, Geekzone etc.

  • Can you still access consumer nz by bypassing paywall?

    • Is that about bypassing Consumer NZ's paywall, or more generally about GeoBlocking?

      Maybe I missed something obvious?

    • that's a free consumer NZ article about how to bypass geoblocking.

      I have never been able to nor seen anything online about anyone else being able to access the content. The problem is that the content is not actually loaded on the webpage, it only loads once you have signed in. Unlike a "block" that covers up the content, on consumer it is just not there. I have read the HTML, you can't find something that is not embedded in the page.

  • If only 1 subscriber would siterip it for us…

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