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Apple AirPods 2nd gen - $199.15 or 1,419 Points @ Flybuys Store


Apple AirPods 2nd gen - $199.15 (cash only and receive 19 flybuys points back) @ Flybuys Store
Cheaper if you pay cash + points

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    Anyone know if these are any good compared to the newer 3rd generation ones?

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      3rd Gen seems better to me, reviews say it has slightly better sound and more ear comfort. Has the newer chipset; Spatial Audio etc. Plus they look more modern.

      $315.00 is the lowest price currently on PriceSpy. Maybe worth the extra?

    • Mate the biggest drawback with these ones is that they are almost impossible to clean and the volume will drop slowly over time.
      At least that's what I faced and saw many people complaining about the same online.

    • They're still more or less the same speaker that apple shipped in earpods about a decade ago. Not amazing quality by any means, I've always found them quiet tinny.

      Airpods 1 & 2 still look awful, we've just gotten used to them imo.

      However, they are the best non-intrusive (idk they sit at the edge of your ear?) wireless headphone you can find + Apple's conveniences make them really good (auto switch to macbook < - > phone < - > ipad < - > watch )

      Airpods three are smaller, have wireless charging in built, have the pinchy-stems instead of tapping the outside for control and have spatial audio if you have apple music (there's also this spatialise stereo effect that makes stereo stuff kind of sound like surround sound)

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