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Free Four-Week Complimentary Subscription to The New Zealand Herald with AA Smartfuel


Price on the NZ Herald Website is $20.80 per week * 4 weeks = $83.20 worth of value!

No card details required!

Receive an paper issue of the NZ Herald delivered to your door daily!

Here’s something special from AA Smartfuel

We’re pleased to send you this offer for a four-week complimentary subscription to The New Zealand Herald.

That's a FREE paper delivered to your home, seven days a week, as well as 24/7 access to Premium Content on nzherald.co.nz, for four weeks.*

Premium Content provides full access to nzherald.co.nz and includes the best of our journalism in addition to content from leading global publishers including the New York Times.

Rest assured there’s no catch. This is a complimentary and absolutely no-obligation offer, so you can keep up with the latest news, views and current affairs from the comfort of your home.

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    Remember to put a fake number down so they don't terrorise you about keeping the deliveries

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      Omg, that is so true, i have been telling their staff dont call me, take my number off your marketing list but they still keep calling me

    • Great point use a burner number from all that free fuel

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    Lol the nzherald would have to pay me to subscribe to them, and even then I'd only consider it.

  • I’m with Vodafone and redeemed a 4 free weeks premium digital subscription that provides a further 8 weeks for a $1 a week. I successfully renewed the entire offer in the 7th of the 8 paid weeks, after they emailed me a prompt that it was about to expire. I just went into my Vodafone rewards in my app and literally clicked the same offer I’d done before. Went through with no issues, I’m onto week 2 of my second lot of 4 free weeks. No idea how long it’ll last for, but I’ll take it while it’s going!

    • Let us know if you get past 8 weeks. The offer says:

      The NZ Herald have teamed up with Vodafone to get you an exclusive deal: try Herald Premium – digital subscription – free for four weeks, then pay only $1 per week for 8 weeks. After your eight weeks, it's just $5 per week until cancelled.

      • Welcome to have my code if you want it as well for another 4 weeks

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    If you have a library card, you can access the Herald E-paper for FREE via your local library website.

    See more here:

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    This is Auckland specific. That maybe is obvious to most people but just in case

  • Must be getting desperate to get the circulation numbers up. Could be good if you needed a supply of newspaper for wrapping things when moving or something, the content - not so much.

    • yea they do this few times a year to pad up numbers so they can show advertisers people are still signing up lol

  • Media is in a sorry state in this country. All they do these days is run puff pieces for government failure.

  • +1
    • That's if you have an AA membership, this one is for AA smartfuel

  • +1

    If this is how you get news you are not a smart person. Herald is nothing more than a tabloid these days, the website has more advertising than a porn site and the editorials are written by woke Instagram influencers. It's even more of a journalistic disgrace than stuff.co.nz which isn't worth the $1 it was recently sold for.

  • Yeah doesn't work for christchurch.

  • Haha subscribed just so we could restock on newspaper for odd jobs around the house!

  • does these papers have any coupons on the back?

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