Anyone else missing Kiwiwallet cashback?

I've made several purchases using Kiwiwallet that haven't appeared. I've raised tickets with them as they request but had no response. Is anyone else finding their purchases aren't showing up or that they get no response to their tickets?

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    I've had zero percent success with Kiwiwallet. No transactions have tracked, no "missing cashback" claims have progressed without making a complaint, and no "pending cashback" has ever become payable.

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      Yeah I had 1 big missed cashback of 60 and they never tried to follow it up, 2 cashbacks for 28 tracked and cleared but each took an email to get them to clear it…

      Now waiting for PayPal cashout

    • How did you go about making the complaint, just raising it through their zendesk chat thingy? Looks like I'll have to do the same thing.

      • Yeah give it a try and see what happens

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    The only time it didn't get tracked was when I used duckduckgo. So I make sure I use Google chrome with kiwi wallet.

    • Must have been feeling ducky.

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    I signed up and attempted two cash backs.. both went missing, one is worth over $100

    Tickets just sit on “pending”. Don’t think I’ll bother to use or recommend them in the future

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      Yeah I'll see how my complaint goes but it's definitely beginning to feel like the whole setup is a scam.

    • Usually I had to wait for quite a few months before they became "payable". I have an order from 03/05/2019 which is still "pending" :D

    • Can confirm not a scam, just really slow.
      Just withdrew $175 this week.
      If they are not tracking make sure your ad-block is disabled.

    • It's not a scam. I have withdrawn atleast $100+ from kiwiwallet. You have to make sure you follow the process to the T. There are lots of variables where this can go wrong. Ad-block, different tabs, waiting too long to complete the transaction.

      Kiwiwallet might have higher chance of not tracking the transactions compared to cashrewards and they have issues as well.

      I have one transaction from Hello Fresh still in waiting state since march. I haven't contacted support, but yes I don't keep hopes up.

      Main thing to remember with all this cashback sites is, you should never consider that as a full proof return. Never assume to buy something cause cashback is good. Assume it as a bonus, so if you get it well and good.

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