Please recommend free PC security/antivirus software

My current McAfee subscription has ended. Is there any free good one?


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    Yes, Windows Security (Defender)

  • I used to use AVG & Maleware bytes, but windows has improved in recent years, now i just use the inbuilt software

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    Windows Security is the easiest free option and you don't risk your computer slowing to a crawl (at least not too often).

    I'd add to that recommendation: keep your computer and phone updated, install an ad blocker (uBlock Origin is my personal favourite - and don't forget to unblock sites you support), don't visit dodgy sites, be careful with every link you click (especially in emails and texts) and be careful with USB devices you plug in (yep, that's still an attack vector). That will protect you from 99.99% of what's out there.

    Good luck (you may need that too).

  • I only use Windows Security (Defender) too - haven't used a third-party anti-malware on Windows for a long time. MS have been focusing on security since the mid-noughties (Balmer initiative if I remember correctly) and from Win7 on have been pretty good - Win10 very good, and I am expecting Win11 to be very secure too, but we'll see.

    For Linux, I tend to run ClamAV across servers I manage, but very unlikely anything would get in, as many times I am the only one with access to the actual server. As far as I know, I have never had a Linux server compromised in over twenty years as they have always been very security aware from the get-go.

    For Macs, I would highly recommend using a third-party anti-malware - they seem to be insecure as hell these days, its like Windows was in the nineties. BitDefender for Mac tends to be good and not too much impact, but you have to accept that there will be some slowdown unless you are paying for the very top-end models, and even then there is a good chance you'll notice unless you are a light user. However, BitDefender is not free. My view is that if you have already paid for the marketing of Apple, you may as well accept that you have to keep paying, but if you want something free then Avast might be okay.


  • malwarebytes

    • Paid? Or trial expired with free scan?

      • the free is alright, every now and then they have a lifetime promo instead of subscription

        • Now that is a deal worth sharing next time ;)

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    For windows, I have not used any 3rd party security software since few years now. The in-built windows security is pretty damn good.

    Just don't mess with the firewall and open any ports unless you know the risk and it should be fine.

    • Second this. Also used to use Malwarebytes and Avast. Only use built in Windows security now

    • Same here; have not used anything other than Windows Defender (I think thats its "name").

  • Great stuff guys! Thank you for sharing :)

  • ESET if you need AV else standard windows one is fine

  • I use a combination of:

    Spybot Search & Destroy

    Windows Defender alone wasn't sufficient to avoid some older systems being ransomwared so going with the three above in conjuction.

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    You should uninstall any sort of third party security software and turn on windows defender.

  • Default that comes with Windows is the best option i think. I uninstalled all the other antivirus softwares.

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