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Free Rebel Cheeseburger at Burger King


Free Rebel cheeseburger at Burger King tomorrow 7 December. Found it in NZ Herald newspaper.

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  • Awesome self promotion. Cheers BK!

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    Bahaha that ad is awesome

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      I promise you literally no one cares that you don’t eat or like Burger King

      • Also why would you need to "discern the difference between a meat cheeseburger and a rebel" unless you're thinking its a conspiracy and all meat is being replace

  • Not really plant based if it still has cheese in it.

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      There's cheese in the patty?

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    The app is so terrible, it never works for me, check out the reviews - and those are the people who bother - but its endless bad feedback especially when coupons are involved. I would try it out before you make the special trip . The ad i saw come up said via app only - so you cant just go to the store and ask.

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      I've never had issues with BK app for my past 2 phones (Samsung) and IMO it's great as you can order online with coupons and it saves fair amount of points for free burgers. Although for 2 of the 10 orders I accidentally ordered Rebel burgers thinking it was meat as they did not disclose this properly.

      • Check out the reviews on the Google Play store - they are basically saying the same thing, it doesnt work - and coupons seem to be one of the big issues. I have the same results as many of the reviews. Given most people wont bother with a review - I would say its pretty faulty.

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          A lot of the reviews I see are recent and some of them specifically say it used to work but doesn't anymore so they might have really broken something recently. Your comment suggests your problem has been a long term thing though. Putting aside the recent reviews, I'd say their reviews aren't atypical for apps which mostly work but are sometimes buggy. Yes most people with problems aren't going to bother to review, but most people without problems are even less likely to review. And as always, some of the reviews are just bizzare e.g. why don't you accept crypto, PayPal. One of them weirdly claims something about a PayPal error, it's possible there's some code in their app that mentions PayPal but it's very weird since their app has never accepted PayPal.

          Like JohhnyNZ I've been using it for several years including before they added in-app orders. Not that regularly but probably made over 100 orders with it with a variety of different devices.

          It's not perfect e.g. for a long time they had a bug when the time went past midnight. IIRC they've fixed that although sort of moot now anyway given that COVID-19 has meant even during Friday-Saturday their stores don't tend to be up very late. Note the app also has an intentional hard cut-off of app orders 30 minutes before they're due to close. This includes for different times for in store and drive thru orders. It's also complicated changing from instore to drive thru or vice versa, frankly I tend to just kill the app so it needs to reload.

          Sometimes it can have location issues especially with older phones and indoors so you can't check in. And of course since their wifi coverage isn't that great you can sometimes be fluffing around just outside their store trying to convince it you're next to the store. Closing the app and reopening it can help but it can be annoying. I wouldn't recommend relying on their wifi coverage for drive thru orders anyway.

          Another thing is if it's a single use coupon and you start to make an order with a coupon but don't place the order or cancel, if you leave the app it can sometime reset and lose your order. Worse because it's a single use coupon it seems to have marked the coupon used and so it disappears. Even logging and out to a different account doesn't help, you need to clear app data. Maybe it's a security thing to try and stop multiple uses but it's a bit pointless since once you've placed your order it doesn't do the same thing and you can log out and log into a different account and it'll have the coupon if it has it. Anyway the solution is if you are ordering e.g. from home always place your order before leaving. You don't have to check-in, just make sure you've placed your order.

          It's also seems to be possible for stores to mark items as unavailable. This will prevent you placing an order with that item. I think stores don't tend to know what they're doing so they don't do it very often but in the flip side if they do it, they can leave it in place for ages, long after the supply issue has probably been resolved. I think you may still be able to redeem it via the number although I've never tried.

          Finally rarely for me but I've heard it's common with some stores, something can go wrong with their instore order system so your order never arrives. You then have to try and convince staff you really placed an order etc.

          Oh sometimes it has an error processing payment or otherwise has an error when check in even though it knows you're at the store. For me whenever this has happened I've just tried again until it works. Well provided I didn't mess up my card entry then it never works of course :-P Never been charged more than once.

          P.S. I just tried to place orders. Didn't check-in/finish but most problems happen at the placement stage. It seemed to work. The Super Shake coupon had the not available problem not that surprising. And weirdly the King Meaty with small fries and drink says one or more items is incorrect and kills the order, even though I didn't modify it in any way. Not sure what that's about but the $7 Creamy Mayo Double Cheeseburder Regular Value meal seemed fine. I should mention the majority of my orders have been BOGO or reduce prices burger orders. Only time I do value meals has tended to be with the point redemption. So my orders types and coupon usages have been somewhat limited, this might be part of the reason I've had less problems.

      • I've been using the BK app for a while now it stopped working for me about a month ago. I can't complete an order. I sucks cause that was the only app with my card dets so last week when I misplaced my wallet I fully relied on it for my lunch

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    Ts and Cs from https://www.burgerking.co.nz/plant-based?utm_source=nzh&utm_...

    Promotion available to first 10,000 people to redeem the ‘Free Rebel Cheeseburger’ offer via the Burger King App through the Drive Thru on Tuesday, 7th December 2021. Offer entitles customer to one free Rebel Cheeseburger only. Offer available from 6am – 11:59pm Tuesday 7 December, while stocks last at individual restaurants or until offer is depleted (whichever is first). Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. No variation to offer shown. Offer must be used in a single transaction.

    Parent/carer must be present for child under 14 to redeem. Available at participating restaurants only. Offer only available as a single use BK App coupon via the Drive Thru. Not available via Delivery, Kiosk, Mobile Pre Order and non-App over the counter orders.

  • Ad is a bit misleading tho. So from tomorrow, I’ll just visit their shop thru drive thru and then let them sight my BK app and I’ll get a REBEL cheese burger for free??

    • No. Fairly sure you'll need to either make an app order (for $0 assuming you don't add anything); or redeem the coupon, give them the number while explaing what coupon you want and hope they are able to find it on their POS system. It's no different from any other coupon just that the total price is $0. But not like it's the first coupon for $0, remember the Whopper Junior deal?

      I agree the ad should have been clearer on the app requirement. I guess a real fail of their marketting department :-P Another ad I saw was.

      I am confused why it says drive thru only. Are they really going to prevent in store pickups with this? Maybe they just want to encourage drive-thru orders.

      Edit: See BK is still doing contact less only not using vaccine passes so guess that's one of the reasons why they want to encourage drive thru only.

  • where does it say u need a app to get a free Rebel cheeseburger

    • i couldnt find anywhere other than the link above but i bet you will find soo many people complaining tomorrow as they have not stated this even on FB

      • I'm sure I saw it say in a popup ad on the NZ Herald app at around 1930 that it needed the app. Wonder if it's just a different ad or they fixed their ad in a rush. Probably not since they only mentioned the app in today's Facebook post and didn't do anything about their old one

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    can’t beat the taste of free

  • so how did it taste?

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