Does PBTech Price Match with The Market?

I ordered a monitor from The Market, but the delivery is a month away, I am wanting to cancel and order from Pbtech, but the price is $150 extra, has anyone price matched the market with pbtech and if yes, how to go about it, please?

The market:

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    If they do, it will be a pricematch of the $699 price, not with coupons applied.

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    Gearbite is also an overseas company so seems unlikely they would…..

  • Thank you, I have contacted them, will drop an update here.

  • I tried this last week and they refused saying it's am overseas company.

  • This is the response I got.

    HI there,
    WE do not price match with the market
    Kind Regards,

  • You can negotiate on the sticker price, they've reduced the advertised price once or twice for me, although the additional discount has always been very small.

    • I would always negotiate the price at PBTech if I was there in person (never tried it over chat or email) if the price is worth it - say, $100 or more.

      Obviously the bigger the price (and their margin) to start with the more negotiable they are likely to be - I have gotten couple hundred off of IT kit in the past.

      I don't think I have ever asked them to 'price match' explicitly - if I know someone else has it for less, I would mention that. If they don't want to deal, I would just buy it elsewhere if the difference was worth it.

      Haven't tried recently (last couple of years) so possible this has changed.


  • I asked years ago for a price match for an external hard drive at the Manukau store, they wouldnt so I went and bought it from the other store.
    I now just buy things if its cheaper at other stores instead of them.

    • I think this is the right thing to do - it seems rational in that it encourages retailers to advertise and compete on their best prices.

      Having said that, I can't fault a retailer for wanting to price-discriminate - it's no different than me shopping around for the best price :-)


      • It's 100% rational not always we have the same supply cost and if we can't do it goto the other retailer

  • Pbtechs literally terrible with price matching, they claim to pricematch although they always give a simple response of WE do not price match with <brand here>. They are also terrible with services, buy items with caution!

    • I'm not sure why this is a significant issue - nobody is forced to deal with PBTech, and I don't really see any issue with them declining to Price-Match (unless they explicitly say they will match any price available in NZ online or not - in which case they might be contravening the Fair Trading Act, but that seems unlikely?)

      It's up to them if they want to make the sale or not - if they don't then buy from the other party that is cheaper.


      • Agree - I've had good experiences dealing with PBTech. The only thing I don't like with them is the CC surcharges so prefer to pay cash in store.

        • I find the 'online eftpos' very good idea.

          • @Drcspy: I looked at that but decided it was not for me - can't recall why that was now. Same with Poli - I think you had to enter your bank account credentials to a third party site which I have agreed with my bank I will never do (might have that wrong - been a while since I looked at it).

            If you pay by DC it normally clears at their end within a few working hours anyway, so unless you are truly desperate the additional time is usually not a real factor.

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          Yes - I normally pay by Debit Card / Direct Credit for personal stuff for the same reason, but if a business purchase, then always credit card, and I just factor it into the price comparison.

          I don't have a problem with CC charges nor freight charges. When wholesaling, I've always tried to make all my net ex-works prices be equal - that way I don't care who is buying or how they are paying - that's entirely up to the purchaser, and if the freight makes it cheaper to buy somewhere closer to them, then the pricing mechanism is guiding all of us playing in that market to make the right overall decisions.

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      General rules are
      Physical store in NZ
      In Stock
      Places like Expert Infotech aren't official apple resellers hence we can't use them for price matching as they have sold items not destined for the NZ market

      • Since your associated, I might as well tell you, I tried price matching with computer lounge and was rejected saying that they do not price match at all??? They are definitely selling items from New Zealand.

        • In Mt Wellington in fact - only a hop, skip, and jump from PBTech:

        • I mean some staff are like that I would if it met the criteria as they have a physical presence

  • Also Mi 34 gets cheaper than both those prices, being able to be gotten around the $580/$560 price with discounts

    • That's true, I bought one, wanting to buy the second one.

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        I'd wait for xmas/boxing/ny deals and a month goes fast atm with being busy with fams/friends and outdoors during this period

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