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Valvoline 2 Stroke Marine Oil $7.99/L, Pick up Only at Supercheap Auto


Cheap 2 Stroke oil for your boat.

Works out cheaper then buying the 4L packs. $31.96 gets you 4x1L vs paying $45.59 at SCA, $46.99 at Marine Deals, $48.75 at Repco or $54.99 at Burnsco for a 4L pack.

Have been using it for years with no trouble.

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Supercheap Auto NZ
Supercheap Auto NZ

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  • Thank you mate. Regularly use this! Great deal.

  • I need to buy some oil for my strimmer (I have to mix in 20ml oil with 1,000ml of 91-unleaded petrol).

    The oil that came packaged with the strimmer is described on the container as:

    Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

    Bit of a long shot, but do you know if this would be okay to use? Is the fact it is described as 'marine' important?

    As you may have guessed, I know almost nothing about this stuff!



  • Don't know sorry. I always use Stihl oil for the chainsaw, blower and hedge trimmer. Don't use a lot of oil in these compared to what a boat goes through so the extra cost isn't really that much

    • True - Even 100ml would last quite a long time!

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