I Have $63 in gift cards to jb-hifi

so i have $63 in 4 gift cards to jbhifi i wanted to know if anybody knew of anything worth buying from there only using the gift card money? as 2 expire soon

had a quick look on there but maybe i missed something



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    Can you buy gift cards with gift cards?

    • had a look now looks like you can only buy xbox and psn giftcards online and i hardly ever use my xbox anymore

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    I currently have a $200 JB Hifi gift card and I was told JB HIFI gift cards don't have expiry dates anymore.
    So the last time I checked the balance of my cards online the expiry date was something like year 2120.
    Try asking the store.

    Also, the $200 gift card I currently have was purchased using 5 x $40 gift cards so if your cards do have an expiry date this should extend the date.

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