Google One Storage Upgrade Options

I'm almost running out of space thanks to Google Photos no longer counting towards the 'free storage' anymore. Do you guys know any cheaper way of upgrading your google one storage? Currently it is 30bucks just for 100gb!

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  • Opt 1 - Use vpn to buy from Turkey. I haven't tried this, but here's some discussion on Ozbargain.
    Opt 2 - Accumulate $$ from google opinion rewards, the credit can be used towards paying the Google One subscription.

    • I use option 2 myself.
    • Thanks mate, looks like I can't use option 1 because it will mess with my NZ apps etc :( I used to to surveys but I hardly get any notification and they are very scarce. How often do you get survey invites?

      • I find to get more surveys, you need to have location turned on, and youtube linked, then it asks you about what you watch, and where you go ..

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          I wasn't aware of this, but I have Location On + Youtube linked. I get on average 10 survey's per month which works out to be about $3-5 per month.

          • @Bargain-Hunter: How do you have Youtube linked to Reward app on android? @bargain-hunter

            • @brownie1: Edit: linked as in signed in to the same Google Account.

              • @Bargain-Hunter: Oh yup okay, I have those set up but hardly get any surveys :(

                • @brownie1: It's a weird app, that's for sure. Make sure you have notifications turned on and open the rewards app occasionally. Also, make sure you answer the surveys honestly, apparently they can blacklist you.

                  • @Bargain-Hunter: Sweet I got one the other day after opening the app. Apparently my phone thought I dont use the app and put it into deep sleep mode! Now hopefully I get atleast once or twice a week!

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    Another option (not ideal, but free) is to create a new Google account and associate it with your phone. Turn off sync for everything but photos, and stop photos syncing to your old account. The new account can serve as photo storage only. It just means that you won't have them all in one place, but it doesn't take long to switch accounts in the GPhotos app.

  • I'm in the same boat. Will be running out of space soon. I like @cheapazchips option.

  • Another short term option is to use a Pixel 5 (or below) to take and store photos. It's free for the first few years.

  • seems like a lot of people don't know but you get 100gb free for 12 months with every Chromebook. Most people never even get to know about this so it doesn't get used. Also some other offers as well.

    • Wow nice only if I needed Chromebook though!

      • I dont understand what you mean?

        • Oh I mean I wish I had a reason to buy Chromebook..

          • @brownie1: you can ask someone with one if they are willing to give you their subscription. It will expire early next year anyways

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