Noel Lemming price matching The Market

Trying to find out if I buy something in the market with 10% off on Noel Lemming market store if I can claim price match for the same product in the physical store?



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    I personally have had more than horrible interactions with Noel Leeming chat agent whenever we are requesting price match. They seem to always have excuses like:
    - When I tried to price match with PB Tech, they said that they have limited stock (when they are clearly not).
    - When I tried to price match with The Market, they said that it is not 'technically' a retailer, but only a web-hosting website.
    - When I tried to price match with MightyApe, they said that it does not have physical store, hence they refuse the price match.

    I personally don't even bother anymore, all agents I spoke with literally just said 'We cannot price match because of XXX' and then straight up just ended the chat without saying anything.

    If you find anything cheaper in other stores, I would just buy it from there, Noel Leeming is useless for the price match lately, especially during the Black Friday season.

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      Always laughed at the "they said that they have limited stock" - Well sorry, they don't have infinite quantity, so its limited stock. No dice!

      Had PBtech tell me they only price match local stores in wellington. Said well, either you price match it now, or I'm ordering it from playtech right now. $500 purchase.
      They ended up matching it with help from a manager

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        I like your point, just about everything in the world has limited quantities anyway. Heard of the concept of "scarcity" in economics, Noel Leeming?

    • I managed to price match at Noel Leeming recently with PB tech when I was buying a phone, a phone case and a protective film. I was at the physical store, it took a while but I got there eventually. I also have been told I can't price match with themarket as they are a "online store", not a physical store

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      I’ve reported twice to comcom re this sort of behaviour from Noel leeming in regards to their price policy. Please consider doing the same

  • I tried one time and they said no due to the coupon. I mean if its cheaper without the use of any The Market coupons then worth a try

  • Thanks everyone!

  • Probably not because it's a coupon; however it's low margin, no minimum selling price incentive season so who knows ?

  • The answer is no and I kind of agree with noel on this one, the market seems like a store front for resellers and doesn't have a physical location. I tried today and failed haha

  • I priced matched the markets 10% off while in store. Don't bother trying online but you will have more luck in person.

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