Help with Choosing a Vacuum Sealer

Can anyone recommend a Vacuum Sealer?

Ideally suitable for dry and moist food so it can be used with Sous Vide and is priced under $100.

Some contenders I've found:




Currently leaning towards the inkbird because of the it's on promotion.


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    The great thing about it is that you can trust the brand better than a knock-off from Kmart. I have a bigger Sunbeam and it's amazing.
    For the bags though, always keep an eye out for specials on Noel Leeming, farmers, Harvey Norman…just keep looking and the prices do drop down. I know Kmart also sells cheap bags but I haven't tried theirs on my Sunbeam, it may work well.

    You'd be surprised the amount of things you can vacuum pack once you search it on Google.
    Hope you like yours!

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