Recommendation for Sound Bar

Hi All,

Looking to add Sound Bar to my Samsung Qled Q75 tv. I feel I need better sound out of it. Main purpose of the sound bar would be to improve the TV sound quality.

Not really into too many wireless connectivity, but having that might help some day. Wireless connection with TV is fine if I am not sacrificing the quality. I do have HDMI & Optical connection available so open to wired connection.

Budget is OK if not too much. Not gonna spend more than 700 to 800 though.



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    I've got the Sonos Beam and very happy with it. Gives you the option to upgrade with rear speakers later, and/or add the (stupidly expensive) sub. Might be some deals to be had on the first gen model if you can find any as it's just been replaced by the 2nd gen.

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    JBL 9.1 is around the 1000mark now. They used to be 1.6k

    • Second jbl 9.1. I just bought it in labours weedend for $1138. It's now $943 on the market, very good price. It's really good when playing music, but I feel we still can't quite hear the conversations when the background music is loud in a movie.

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