Sump Pump for Draining Spa Water

Hi fellow cheapies,

Just wanting to hear whats everyone's thoughts when it come to cleaning their spa pool?
Have just bought a place with a spa but seems like it hasn't been used in a long time and previous owner is unsure how to operate it as well.

Thought of getting a sump pump to drain the water so we can start cleaning it. Has anyone used any sump pump before and any recommendations?


  • A cheaper option (I mean, c'mon, this is Cheapies, right?) is a drill pump like this:

    Just two things to keep in mind: the pump needs water in it to work, so you need to flood the hose first, and don't let it run dry. Second thing is that you probably want a mains powered drill and you'll need a way to keep it running for a while. Most drills don't have trigger latches that keep them running. A cable tie could come in handy here.

    Or buy a sump or bilge pump. Up to you, I imagine any one will do the job. I don't have any experience with them though, sorry.

  • trying to remember, we had a spa pool which came with the house when we bought it. It was a novelty for a few years then we got tired of it so we got rid of it. I"m sure we drained it a couple of times. It didn't need to be pumped out theres a gravity drain under it of course. I think I just let it drain onto the section, (it was setup just outside the house). I'd guess theres some kinda drainage on your one if it's internal it should be setup to drain to the storm drain or similar ? You shouldn't need a pump to drain it……….

  • +1

    I agree that it would be best searching for a lower drain first as all spas I have seen (including the one we have currently) have a drain that allows you to drain the spa purely by gravity.
    Alternatively, get a flexible pipe, stick one end in the spa, suck on it till the water is flowing through and then put the end below the water level and let science do the rest :)

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