Logitech MX Master 3 $116.35, Logitech MX Keys $148.85, MX Keys Mini $129.35 + Shipping / CC @ Harvey Norman


Seems to be a good deal, Mac version also available at the same price

Logitech MX Keys at $148.85

Logitech MX Keys Mini at $129.35

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Harvey Norman NZ
Harvey Norman NZ


  • Also the K860 for $161.85 is a great deal. I paid about $30 more a few weeks back on price match. Hands down the best keyboard I’ve ever used.


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    Great deal. But I think it is also about time for Logi to refresh the MX product line:
    - MX Master: 2015
    - MX Master 2S: 2017
    - MX Master 3: 2019

    Anyway it is a good product. Please use the USB dongle, much nice experience. Bluetooth connection is just horrible.

    • Yup, avoid bluetooth. Had serious issues of disconnection of keyboard using a LG keyboard, presume that it would extend to bluetooth mice as well.
      Had to argue hard to get a refund.

    • I wouldn't say it's horrible. I have a 2s and I'm switching between bluetooth (laptop) and dongle (desktop).

      99.99% of the time the bluetooth is fine. You may just a very slight disconnection for 2 seconds once a day or two… Dongle is fine 100% of the time though.

    • I won't say it's horrible. I am using bluetooth connection for MX 2 & MX Keys both on my dell laptop and have no complaints.

      Only issue I see is when I wake up the laptop with MX Keys, it takes a second or so to register itself. Not a biggie for me.

      I also have bluetooth headphones connected and all seems to work absolutely fine.

  • Thanks, OP, bought a MX keys

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    Great deal, even better as Noel Leeming is pretty close in price. I brought the MX Mouse for $86.99. $116.99 sale price on NL, less $10 off $100 (code MYNL16W10) less $20 on ZIP payment (code: ZIPBF21)!!

  • FYI, $111.29 including shipping from themarket.com with BFCM10 (10% off) code.

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