Flybuys Store - Best Value Exchanges of Points for Products

As I'm sure is the case with a lot of Cheapies members, I have a stack of FlyBuys points saved up.

These have mostly been from doing endless Colmar Brunton surveys and from other bonuses posted here (Disney+ etc.). I like to purchase products from the store with points, and have recently been trying to find items that I can pick up for a decent amount cheaper than retail price.

Using the 5 New World Dollars product as a baseline, we can calculate that a single point is worth roughly 17.8c ($5/28 points). I'm aware this is not exact, but given the points ultimately convert to $5 worth of tangible product, it's probably the best point of comparison available.

An example of (what I consider) a good purchase of mine recently was this Dremel Cordless Soldering Tool for 440 points. (440*17.8)/100=$78.32. This is currently available on The Market (with codes) for around $91. So a pretty decent saving.

An example of a bad purchase would be PS5 Returnal for 710 points. (710*17.8)/100=$126.38. This is currently available on Amazon AU for roughly $83 NZD delivered. So not a good deal.

If you come across any of these types of 'better than retail' exchange deals on the store, please share them here!



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    Redeem Lodge cast iron range is pretty good value too. Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Rectangle Grill 715 points = $127.68, RRP is $179.99. Of course we cheapies never pay full price, but some people said its even cheaper buying from amazon au. I prefer to get it for free.

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    Can't help with any actual good deals, but for what it's worth, I calculated that a FlyBuys point was worth about 18c in the late nineties, and nothing has changed in the twenty-plus years since as far as I can see - which makes sense if you think about it.

    Your 17.8c is bang on from my perspective.


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    I find it handy saving all your points up and doing one transaction a year on a larger purchase, e.g. an iphone or similar (cash diff), or spending a chunk of points on xmas presents for the whanau. I generally put the point being worth 17c so seems about right too. Keep an eye out for deals, when doing the maths I have seen the fb point worth ~25c with some of their promotions. I do want to point out that there are items on the Flybuys site that are more expensive than instore so sometimes it is worth buying the product instore than using all your points. Research is key. Fly buys is super handy, if you havent already done so I recommend signing up for the surveys if you have spare time to do them.

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    I remember when I was the same, calculating this. I made a purchase of 600pt for a pair of Samsung galaxy buds, a much better rate than others. I think it was some kind of an error as it was discounted by so much. I then proceeded to lose them after 6 months. I no longer look at the flybuys store as I now use fuel discounts which is a much better exchange rate but when I did I remember that the cash for point thing or cash topup is a complete ripoff. I mostly looked for stuff by sorting to most popular instead of lowest price.

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      Yeah it certainly tends to be quite a rort. Funny you mention a price error on buds - just today I posted a listing for a set of Jabra buds with a price error.

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        yes, I did happen to see that. just looking at it now it definitely appears to be a double discount. it shows as 1000+ discounted then it is discounted by that same amount again. perhaps they changed the cash topup because now for this is quite a good deal even with just cash, but it is probably due to it being so cheap with points and others are still overpriced. also realised now there is no longer a 50 pt minimum needed like there was before.

  • I find the value of points differ depending on the product. For example

    Apple iPhone 13 Pro - 1TB is $2799 cash. 3000 points requires a top up of $2324.19. Which means the value of 3000 points is $474.81
    Bose Bass Module 700 Speaker is $1149. 3000 points requires a $550.56 top up. Which means the value of 3000 points is $598.44
    JBL Bar 5.1ch 4K Soundbar with Wireless Surround Speakers is $1199. 3000 points requires a $539.60 top up. Which means the value of 3000 points is $659.40

    Kinda confusing and would be good to get the best 'bang for buck' for your points. I wish their point value would be the same across all products lol

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