Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

Hi all - does anybody know the difference between these Google Nest Audio products from Dick Smiths?

The "AU model" is sold by a third-party (Heybattery) but the first one is sold by Dick Smiths themselves. Would both of these come with an AU/NZ power adapter?

I really want to buy the cheaper one but would like to know if it comes with a proper AU/NZ power adapter and not a US model. (I don't want to mess around with travel adapters or anything like that.) I've messaged Dick Smiths twice to ask them but have got no response either time.

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  • You could contact them and ask?

    Hard to imagine that Dick Smith, owned by Kogan I believe, does not include an Australian (and hence NZ) plug, but probably best to ask them directly to confirm.


    • Thanks - I've messaged them twice already and had no response!

      These have been on sale recently in the US e.g. Best Buy, so I was wondering if Dick Smith have been parallel importing them rather than selling the AU versions?

      • Not sure about Aus, but I imagine it would be in contravention of regulations in NZ to sell without an NZ plug.

        You could purchase and return if it doesn't, but there is the hassle factor though.

  • Try JBHiFi Black Friday sale, they will have the right plugs and easy to claim from if something goes wrong. Get one with the screen, best product I have ever used, combined with Spotify it is amazing and something I use for hours everyday. Free movies on YouTube play well on the screen for watching in bed.

  • I bought a google chromecast from theMarket and it was having US adapter plug, but the seller included a NZ adapter along with it. I presume same should happen with Dick Smith

  • I got googl nest hub / 7 inch display from USA like 3 years ago as they were not in NZ .

    It does not really matter where you buy from if it's NZ based seller and it's new product you will get full one year warranty

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