Black Friday & Cyber Monday New Zealand 2021 (Friday Nov 26 - Monday Nov 29)

Black Friday 2021 begins Friday, November 26 2021; however some deals have already been posted since the beginning of November.


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    Surprised no New Zealand retailers are jumping to offer decent prices.

    I already have been getting deals from Amazon AU that are nowhere near what any NZ retailer has ever offered or currently have up for their Black Friday sales.

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      That’s because Amazon AU don’t have to pay NZ taxes or maintain a physical presence here, and they’re not subject to the consumer guarantees act. Good luck getting any kind of support when something stops working…

      • Pretty sure they are collecting NZ GST on sales in NZ, and will be paying income tax in Aus (maybe their tax rates are lower?), so probably not much of an advantage if any.

        They will have higher freight costs (unless they now have a warehouse in NZ) than a local retailer I guess.

        Do they charge less to NZ customers than Aus customers due to not having to comply with the CGA in NZ?

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          The strange thing is… I tend to pay less on shipping from Australia than I would to ship the same thing around New Zealand.

          I just got a 3.5kg box from AUstralia and shipping was under $4 and my sister sent a 3kg box roughly the same size from Australia and it cost her over $50.

          I have been ordering from Amazon AU for a long while now and also noticed low postage on most items so they must own their own airfreight company to fulfil these orders at cheap prices.

          • @subculturenz: They will get good freight rates no doubt, but maybe they are just charging the same freight to NZ as to Aus (say), taking the 'loss' on the freight side for now to build their presence here to the point that it makes sense to run a local warehouse.

            • @Alan6984: Yeah that could be… Anyway, looking forward to a New Zealand based fulfilment center to give some of the big NZ retailers a big wake up call.

      • Amazon AU and US both collect NZ GST and most warranties for big brand manufacturers are regional for AU/NZ.

      • We still pay GST on everything you purchase through their site, as for support, Amazon has one of the best after sale service, they usually cover the return shipping cost to AU or US if anything goes wrong, also the warranty should still be valid for both AU and NZ through manufacturer.

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    Wow black friday is basically just 10% off and half the stuff has fake rrps anyway. Still cheaper to get most stuff full price on Amazon au with their crazy shipping. I shipped a mic stand for $4 and it would have cost me $14.40 to ship it to the house next door to me, NZ post has some really scammy stuff going on at the moment with their pricing and website.

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