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[PC] Free - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent (Requires VPN Connection to Japan) & Splinter Cell Chaos Theory @ Ubisoft


C&P from OzBargain.

“Requires Japan VPN to claim (I used PIA but for free options you can use either TunnelBear or ProtonVPN).”

Get your free copy of Splinter Cell Double Agent on Ubisoft Connect PC now before November 26th!

The best-selling Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell saga takes on an entirely new direction. Play as a double agent spy for the first time ever in Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent.

You can claim your free game on Ubisoft Connect PC from November 18th at 00:00 to November 26th at 01:00 (your local time) and you will be able to play it at any time!

Chaos Theory


Thanks looseleaf

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  • Don’t have proper internet at the moment (Skinny 6 months free deal kicking in and not off to the greatest of starts) so unable to test if it works.

    • Ha! Same exact thing for me this morning. I woke up and the Mrs was complaining that the internet wasn't working, took me a while to remember that it was the date of the switch over. Here's hoping Skinny gets us connected without too much of a delay, lucky I've got tonnes of Kogan data left in the month so I can tether.

    • I've signed up to skinny fibre too. What's the issue you're having?

      • I haven't done any troubleshooting as yet but I'm guessing my old provider (Contact) disconnected my fibre connection with them as I had given them my 1 month notice 1 month ago and that the 18th was my connection day with Skinny. Looks like Skinny hasn't connected me as yet so I've got not connection at the moment. I'll follow up with them but I can manage for the day but if it extends to tomorrow that'll be annoying.

        • I'm supposed to have the switch over today at 6am. No internet connection still. How long did yours take to switch in the end?

          • @techhit: Some Geekzone members got switched over correctly on the same day, whereas I’m on day 3 of troubleshooting and now waiting for a Tuatahi First Fibre technician to come out 🥲

            Nothing on port 1, nothing on port 2. Weird how it went from working perfectly fine with Slingshot to now no longer working.

            • @Wakrak: Shit… that is not want I want to hear!

          • @techhit: I called their support number and was waiting for someone to answer for about 30mins which I had expected and was doing chores while waiting so I wasn't bothered. Once answered the support guy advised that the connection was up and running already. He tried to help me but I let him go cause his expertise was limited to the old turn it off and on again, nice guy, friendly but I decided to let him off the hook.

            My intention was to continue using my own Netgear router rather than the one Skinny sent me but in order to test the connection I opened up the router they sent me and confirmed that yes the connection was indeed up and running and working well. So in order to get my own router working with Skinny I did a small amount of research and these 2 links were very helpful to me.



            For the PB Tech link I figured that Skinny settings will be the same as what's required for Spark. All in all it was pretty easy to get it working with my own Netgear router.

            Good luck to you

            • @littletoolate: My former ISP (Spark 100mbit fibre) disconnection isn't until tomorrow, so I'm wondering if that's causing the issue. I deliberately wanted an overlap so that I wouldn't be without an internet connection.

              I changed the PPPoE settings on my Asus router to:
              username: skinny
              password: skinny

              and removed the VLAN tag. So now I'm able to get an internet connection, but I'm supposed to be connected at 900mbps, which the speedtest shows I'm still limited to 100mbps.

              However, when I plug my supplied Skinny router in, I don't get any internet connection at all. Anyway, at least I have an internet connection for now.

              • +1

                @techhit: Sorted! Got connected at about 11am.

                Using my existing Asus router, but had to do a factory reset to unlock full speed.

                • @techhit: Jealous 😄

                  • +1

                    @Wakrak: Hope yours gets sorted soon! 3 days of internet troubles would be hell for me and my kids! I rely on it for work and school, etc.

        • what happens if you don't give them one month notice?

          what's suppsoed to happen here, give them one month notice, they disconnect the line, you get a connection

          or give them one month notice, they put in disconnect job with Chorus requivalent, transfer before 1 month?

          • @justaddwater: A few years ago many ISPs added a clause requiring a one month notice for disconnections. So if you don't give a one month notice, they will charge you for the month even if you have no service with them.

            There is advice out there how to handle transfers (see BigPipe's http://pages.bigpipe.co.nz/how-to-switch-isps-without-ruinin... ) but you're not supposed to tell your current ISP to disconnect you. Instead set up your new service for about a month in the future, then when you have confirmation from your new ISP of the dates, email your current ISP something like "I am changing ISP in 30 days. You should not have to do anything as you will receive notice from Chorus/whatever. Please do NOT disconnect me before the change happens. Please consider this my notice that I will no longer need you service when the change happens".

            This means hopefully they won't schedule a disconnect, AFAIK the way churns happen with Chorus there is no need for them do so. If they disconnect you before the change complain like hell. If there's no loss of service but your old ISP still try to charge you for an extra month, complain like hell saying you gave the required notice. If your old/current ISP disconnect you when the change is supposed to happen oh well can't be helped.

            If you really need your service it's probably best not to inform your ISP and eat the extra month. Some people ask for their new ISP to set up connection on one of the other ports of their ONT and only disconnect their current ISP on whatever port it's using when the new service is up and running for added security, you're definitely likely to be paying an extra month here although I guess you can use it. (And I think I've heard of Chorus and the old ISP still screwing up and somehow disconnecting the new service.)

            BTW with reference to the above problems, you are having problems with some other router you should always try the ISP's one before calling. Even if you're sure you set your other one right or it's not the router's fault. It makes it far easier for them and for you. If you don't trust the ISP's router on your network you can always only connect it to one device with a live image or something similar.

  • Also, 33% off PlayStation Plus 12 Months Subscription starting tomorrow @ PS Store

  • Worked for me via firefox private and free acc tunnelbear vpn

    • +1

      Worked for me using Proton VPN and Edge private window

  • +2
    • Different game version?

      • Oh you're right it is a different game -didn't read past the whole Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell… :-)

        • Price is still right though 👍

    • Sweet, 2 free games before breakfast :D This one just showed up in the Ubisoft game launcher.

    • You can claim it on the ANZ site https://store.ubi.com/anz/tom-clancy-s-splinter-cell-chaos-t... so you don't get bothered about redirecting you to your local site etc.

      But a word of warning, at least for the NZ site this seems to be like all Ubisoft store giveaways. If you claim it on a browser that appears like a desktop browser, it doesn't actually work properly. Sure it says it's been added to your account but if you check out your games list on Uplay it's not there. Maybe if you click the open Uplay thing it works, I don't know but if you don't do anything you may think you have the gave but probably don't. With previous giveaways these have been on non NZ sites so I assumed that was the reason but it seems not.

      As said, I haven't tested what happens if you click open uPlay. But if you don't want to do that you need to claim it on a browser that appears like a mobile one. On most desktop browsers, most likely just zooming in to 300% or reducing the size of your browser window should be enough. If you do it successfully it should not have the open Uplay thing anymore after claiming. Note you need to do this before you claim. (You can go back after claiming and claim it, but the point is you can't just change the window size after claiming. Although it will change what is displayed and remove the open uPlay thing, it won't affect whether you properly claimed the game.)

      This isn't a problem for the Japan one. (To be clear, I was claiming Chaos Theory without a VPN.) Giveaways via the register thing always work properly from my experience. If it says it was claimed it's claimed. I tried using tor with exit node set to Japan but the spinning thing never stops, I guess they blocked Tor exit nodes. Express VPN Premium did work.

  • Arigato gozaimasu

  • worked for me by using protonvpn, seems I was able to get the Chaos Theory without VPN as well. thanks:)

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