iPhone Xr 128GB

My daughter wants a iphone ,spending her own money . looking at refurbished XR 128gb for Reebelo .. is this a good option only wanting to spend $500-$700
any advise or help appreciated


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    Just a very few more dollars will buy you a new one right now:


  • I have a spare black one still under apple warranty ending 29/05/22, as well as under noel leeming 3 year extended product protection warranty ending 29/05/24, excellent condition. Please PM if interested.

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    The XR is over 3 years old, it still bewilders me that apple sells them. Then you're wanting to buy refurbished which is double jeopardy. No iphones are good options but compared to what is being considered I would rather just get a base iPhone 12/13 new. Trying hard not to judge but the XR is like the option for people who feel the need to get iPhone but can't pay for a real one. I understand it needs to be a cheaper phone but I can only kind of describe it as a mentality of buying a luxury item yet not paying for the luxury part.

    Hope I'm not being too harsh, turns out the XR is actually being discontinued since last month. Creates a million more reasons on why not to buy one. School is rough

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    Agree but the teenage girl is special entity. Life lesson maybe. I am not a iPhone person

    • Yea going to school as a teenage girl without a late model iphone can be challenging, sad the society we live in.

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        Girls at school: "OMG Shontelle has an ANDROID? Ewww!"
        Boys at school: "Android? Nice. Let me sideload some apps for you"

        • The girls part is still accurate, but the boys was probably applicable 10 years ago. Now it's just fortnight and valorant.

          Speaking of sideloaded you've peaked my interest, what have you got? I'm only barely using newpipe, as I don't watch a whole lot of media on my phone. Wanting to get a version of Spotify or deezer in the future but got too much locally saved music at the moment for me to get through.

          • @Bill: Deezer is great!
            However, most people just bite the bullet and get full Spotify/Youtube Music.

          • @Bill: Apple music is pretty good, I'd rate it more than Spotify

          • @Bill: looks like no one actually got what I meant by a "version" of spotify/deezer

            • @Bill: Can you please explain more?

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                @Superpower21: I imaging they meant that they didn't want to use either Spotify or Deezer, but rather something that does the same sort of thing, but was not one of those two, albeit in the future?

                If they have 'too much locally saved music', and plenty of storage on their phone, then probably no reason to use a streaming app at this point in time.

                Maybe I misunderstood too - not sure if Bill was asking for recommendations, but if so, I have nothing to offer on that count (I also just use my locally saved music - I have more than enough for the rest of my life I suspect!)

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                  @Alan6984: You don't sideload apps unless they are banned on the official play store. That should give an indication of what I mean. I can't get too detailed about this as it might come too close to violating something like pirated software on the tos.

                  I have plenty of locally saved music but the problem with using only locally saved is there is no discovery of new music. A feature that comes with streaming services like spotify, as they use advanced algorithms to recommend new music. The problem with spotify is obviously there are ads and limitations unless you pay for a subscription. This can be overcome by using a non official version that fixes these problems, known as a modified or "modded" app.

                  I wouldn't recommend trying this out if you don't really know what you are doing as there are risks with downloading and running apks from unknown sources, the reason why you have to allow some unrecommended permissions on your phone.

                  I haven't done this nor am I encouraging this action.

                  • @Bill: Yeah - as I said, I already have plenty of music anyway, so not an issue for me.

                    Probably a bit different if you are young and don't have an existing collection, and also more likely to be willing to take the risk of side-loading apps.

                    I'm sure you know what you're doing, but so do most people of course. If / when you do get taken, I suggest factory resetting, then on-selling - reality is that you may never be able to trust that device again no matter what you do - regard it as an opportunity to upgrade to a new phone :-)


        • Sounds about right based on my kids!

          In business, if you have an iPhone, you are marking yourself as a technical dunce (the same people often say something like, 'I just want it to work' which usually means, 'I don't understand how to get technology to work') - credibility is important, and its perception, not reality that matters.

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        Lol now my sister has a Samsung it is indeed a social item having an iphone

  • get an SE

  • Hi, I agree with some of the comments above. Try and stretch your budget slightly to get an IPhone SE.
    This will mean newer technology in the phone that will last your daughter longer. It will also mean a longer warranty from 1 yr (refurbished) to 2 yr if you buy direct from Apple. But here is something I can specifically share regarding your situation. I brought a refurbished iPhone from 1 day and the battery capacity was 82%. Therefore was functioning as a phone after 1-2 years of use. I could not get a full day use out of it before it went flat. I passed on to a family member and went new. Much much better!

  • One up the IPhone SE going on sale in Part V of the sale at PB Tech. Places that claim refurbishment usually just touch a few buttons and say it's good

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