Secret Santa Gift Ideas Please

I find that people might get a good laugh out of some funny, silly gifts, but they "steal" useful, practical things socks. What do you like "stealing" at work Secret Santa events? Thanks.


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    We don't have work secret santa event but if they did I'd steal most of the food !

  • Chocolates or things I would actually use

  • We used to have no-name Secret Santa - kind of like a pot-luck.

    It meant that things were wrapped up to disguise what they were, and you really had no idea until you opened it.

    You could be sure that the obvious bottle of wine or box of chocolates, was anything but!

    All good, but you do need some rules about what might be appropriate or not :-)


    • Kris Kringle, where stealing is allowed, is more fun than that!

      • Yes - we did the stealing thing too.

        It was okay until we got up close to twenty people, then it went on a bit too long, and you had to have rules about one loss per round etc.

        Good though!


  • What's the budget?

    • $20

        • Good idea, thanks!

          • @sunshinenz: Oh sorry mate, when I posted this comment, it was $19, now it's $42.50. Keep an eye for the ever changing PB Tech deals and sort by lowest price over the course or November.

            • @phillq: It's the idea that counts. I'm looking for ideas that can be used for next years if it doesn't work out this year, and it doesn't have to be that particular item; similar ones will do too.

              • @sunshinenz: Back to $19 using code EARLYBF lol Keep one for another gift or to get ready for next year ;)

                • @phillq: Cool, thanks. Might buy one for myself instead :)

  • I gave someone a frozen chicken once. Had to shoot down to the supermarket at the last minute so it didn't thaw too much.

    Another time I got a star wars fan a Han Solo action figure and froze it in a block of ice (couldn't find any carbonite unfortunately)

    Hmmm seems to be a common theme of ice, cold, frozen secret santa gifts.

    • Very original, I'd never have thought of those perishable options!

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