Auckland Based Pergola Builder Recommendation

Hi Cheapies Fam,

Does anyone have any recommendation of which Auckland company I should go with for building a deck pergola with outdoor blinds?

I'm currently looking at getting an aluminium pergola with a clear tinted acrylic sheet for roofing.

Some companies I found via Google Search are:

  • Custom Pergola
  • Sunvue
  • Deckfix
  • Pergola NZ
  • Fresco Shades
  • Awnings Direct
  • Sanctuary Pergola
  • Awesome Awnings
  • Sunguard
  • Flexiroof

Have anyone used any of the above companies mentioned? And what are they like and how much does it cost roughly?



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    We are also looking at doing the same thing.

    The company we are looking at going with is 'ArchGola' - can't make a recommendation myself at this point as we haven't done it yet, but we have friends who used them who were very happy.


    • Ah, forgot about Archgola! I heard good things about them too.

      Custom Pergola, Sunguard, Fresco Shades, and Awesome Awnings seems to have good Google reviews, I might give them a ring and see which one comes out to be the cheapest.

  • I am also looking at getting my deck covered. Not on current list to do, but I am keeping tabs on it. Read somewhere about acrylic sheet in roofing makes loud noise when it rains. I can understand that, what are other options out there. Don't want any fancy things, but a decent long lasting cover which allows maximum light.

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      I think if you want covered pergola for your deck and want to have maximum light through, clear acrylic sheets seems to be the way to go. For acrylic sheets, you can either go with the flat sheets with clean line look or corrugated sheets which might reduce the noise impact from rain?

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    Going through the same process, have had a few quotes already. Massive differences. 12k-over 20k (without side)
    We are looking at a company that uses Polycarb, not Acrylic. Seems well priced.
    If anyone has a well priced reccomendation, I am all ears!

    • I've only just started looking - I suspect there are lots of things I should consider, but you don't know what you don't know!

      What are the advantages (and possibly disadvantages) of polycarb vs acrylic?



    • Wow 8k differences is huge! Out of curiosity, what are the two companies at both end of the spectrum of that quote?

      From quite Google search, here are some differences between Polycarb and Acrylic.

      17 times the impact resistance of glass.
      Very rigid.
      Light transmittance of 92 percent.
      Can be polished to restore its clarity.

      250 times the impact resistance of glass.
      More flexible.
      Light transmittance of 88 percent.
      Cannot be polished.

      • Thanks!

        I am guessing that, in reality, almost no-one will ever get their acrylic covering polished :-)

    • Can you share who gave the least quotes?

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        we went with the cheapest, and got some absolute rubbish service from the owner and engineer of the company. We then pulled out.
        Have gone middle ground now and happy as. Better quality product (thicker aluminum and sheets), And locally made.
        Company I'm using is Smartshade. guys name is Randy.
        What I didn't realize initially was that the cheaper ones just order in from China, so I expect they could have massive delays on their projects too.

        • Thanks for sharing. Will check that out!

  • Who did you go with in the end?

  • Has anyone got louvre roof system from tradetested?โ€ฆ

  • Hi Cheapies, just checking if anyone completed with the work. If so could you please share the details.

  • Looks like people who got this expensive stuff installed donโ€™t use cheapies website ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Not sure what you are trying to communicate?

      • Just been checking this page every other day to get some feedback from somebody who actually got pergola installed and from whom but no luck so far ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

        • We are still in progress - I'm not willing to pass judgement / make a recommendation until it is all done and dusted.

          Currently expecting that to be around mid Apr 2022.

          Lead times are much longer now than, I imagine, they would have been a few years ago.


          • @Alan6984: Fair enough, iโ€™m gonna call few companies and start getting quotes.

            Also ready lawn is on the to do list.

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              @offroad: Sorry for the delayed update - After getting quotes from multiple companies from the list as well as checking quotes for Louvre roof from three other Auckland companies.
              I ended up choosing Flexiroof just because I liked the boltless top design which allows for LED lighting to be inserted on the rafters.
              Pricing is quite straight forward as well since it's almost like a kitset when they assemble it on-site.

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