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Q Mastercard: $100 Credit Back and $50 Account Fee Waived for First Year


These terms and conditions are copied from the email I received from Humm with the promo code. There is no requirement to actually be a Humm member as far as I can see. There is already an offering of $100 credit back on the Q Mastercard site so this promo code just gets the additional benefit of $50 account fee waived.

^Promotional Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotional offer available for all new accounts opened from approved online Q Mastercard applications received from 12:00am 6 November 2021 to 11:59pm NZST 15 November 2021 (inclusive) (“Offer Period”), using the Promo Code ‘HUMM100’.

  2. To be eligible to redeem this offer a customer must enter the promo code ‘HUMM100’ their application and have spent a minimum of $100 on their Q Mastercard account by 6 December 2021. The $100 minimum spend may be reached in multiple transactions. The $100 minimum spend requirement excludes any Q Mastercard account fees.

  3. Eligible new Q Mastercard customers approved during the Offer Period will receive a $100 credit on their Q Mastercard account (“Credit Back”).

  4. Eligible new Q Mastercard customers approved during the Offer Period will also have the annual Account Fee (NZD$50) waived for the first year (“Fee Waiver”). You do not need to make any transactions to qualify for the Fee Waiver. After the first year an annual Account Fee of $50 applies and will be charged in accordance with the Q Mastercard Ts&Cs Note that the first instalment of the $50 Annual Account Fee ($25) will initially be charged to your account but will then be refunded back to your Q Mastercard account within 15 working days.

  5. Excludes any new accounts created in line with Long Term Finance purchases (including Flexi Pay purchases) and Fixed Instalments. Exclusion includes new accounts created online with a first purchase being a Long Term Finance purchase.

  6. The Credit Back will be applied by 20 December 2021 to your Q Mastercard account. The Credit Back is not negotiable or redeemable for cash. Any Q Mastercard account that has been cancelled or suspended before 6 December 2021 will be ineligible to receive the Credit Back.

  7. The entity responsible for this promotion is Columbus Financial Services Limited (“Promoter”).

  8. The Promoter reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the offer and these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

  9. Q Mastercard terms and conditions apply. See qmastercard.co.nz for full details.

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  • I haven't used my Q master card for a few years since I registered Afterpay, Zip, Genoapay, etc. I'm thinking to cancel it before the end of the year.

    • +1

      All this stuff hurts your credit rating if you're going to get a mortgage or personal loan, so it's a good idea to avoid having applications for short-term credit of any kind associated with you for a few years prior. It's cool to get rewards and discounts and stuff, but it's false economy if it puts you in a different risk category and you end up paying higher interest rates.

      • yea this is true not sure why people are down voting it

  • Worth a shot?

  • So are we basically gaining 100 bucks fee free here? How easy is it to cancel I wonder

    • +2

      It has an absolutely heinous rate of 26% for credit balances so don't use it for that, but otherwise I can't see any downside (famous last words!).

  • If cancellation is done within a year any penalty for $100 cash back?

  • Would be ideal if you can sign up and make a purchase before 6 December and cancel the card just after 20th December once the credit is back and you pay off the balance

    • Can you not do that?

      • I don't know guess it depends if your application gets approved?

        But from what I read it seems you can but not 100% sure🤷‍♂️

    • even if the account fee is waived you would still need to pay an establishment fee upon making a purchase which i think wouldnt be worth it

      • +1

        Only for long term finance purchases. The standard 3 months zero interest purchases don't incur additional fees.

        • +1

          ooo thanks for letting me know

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