Selling My Airpoints

Is there a way to offload airpoints for cash somehow? Any cunning ideas out there?


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    Find someone who needs to shop at mitre10 and then convert and sell them the mitre10 evouchers with a discount.

    • Yeah, you can only "gift" (read: transfer) them to someone living at the same address, I believe. Best to transfer them to some other kind of currency or tradeable item.

      According to this page you can't buy gift cards from Mitre10 with the Airpoints, but you can buy them from the AirNZ store in fixed denominations.

      • yeah good idea - do you want to buy a $500 mitre 10 gift card for the great price of, well, $500? ;-)

        • For many people, that's as good as getting it in cash.

          We own our home, so we spend a significant amount of our 'spare' time keeping it up, and a significant amount of cash on the same. Ah for the days of being footloose and fancy free when I never set foot in Mitre10 or Bunnings ;-)

          Mitre10 vouchers are cash that doesn't leave our bank account, same as, say, CountDown or PNS vouchers.


          • @Alan6984: So you would like to buy $2000 worth of Mitre 10 vouchers? That's all I heard. LOL.
            Happy to help if ya do.

            • @Lewynz: The problem with selling them (if you aren't in a position to use them in lieu of cash), is that both of us then have counter-party risk.

              You don't me, and I don't know you, so we are both at some heightened risk of getting ripped off by the other compared to someone you know already where you can better assess their trustworthiness.

              This is not personal - it is true of everybody on this site (for me at least - I don't believe I know anyone here personally).

              You could try to 'entice' people by discounting the price - if you were to advertise them in the classifieds section of this site at, say, 50% discount, I imagine you'd get lots of interest, 20% discount you'd probably get some interest, at face value, probably not much interest. No harm in trying though - I might be wrong!

              However, if you have any friends at all who own their own home, there is a some chance that they will be spending reasonable sums at Mitre10, so you might be able to do a deal with one or more of them if you are happy they are trustworthy.

              Hope that helps,


      • Information around Airpoints gifting is here:

        However, it seems like it can only be used by giftees for purchasing flights? —> "Under the Gifting Register tab you can add giftees who you can then buy flights for with your Airpoints Dollars™"

  • You might want to check whether the agreement that you 'shook hands on' with AirNZ allow for selling the points to someone else.


  • If you have air points business, you could transfer your points to your business then transfer to your employees from air points business.

  • How many have you got? Just interested to see how many airpoints people have. Me: 47 mainly from amex, mercury, Z and mitre10. I spend them all at Mitre10 rather than flights.

    • 2K…..just been buiding up and up and up now I want the cash!

      • @Lewynz Shoot me a pm, let's chat

  • Sorry to Hijack the thread @lewynz.. just wondering what's everyone's plan with air points other than use them towards flights once Mitre10 stop accepting Airpoints?

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      You will still be able to purchase mitre10 vouchers from the airpoints store.

    • Are Mitre10 no longer accepting airpoints as payment for >$75 transactions over the counter?

      • yes, Starting 1st of Dec Mitre10 no longer accepting airpoints at counter. As @Stoic pointed above, you can still buy gift card from airpoints store and use that instead.

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          Also for the avoidance of doubt, the conversion is the same - AirNZ$50.00 for a NZ$50.00 Mitre10 gift card.

          As far as I know, the gift card can be used on any purchase. If less than the value of the card, it just deducts the amount, and leaves you with a balance to use another day. If I am correct and that hasn't changed, then its arguably more flexible than before - you can use it on a $5 purchase whereas before you had to be over $75.

          Someone please post a reply if I am wrong on that.


  • Way late the the party, and not cashing out points, but some (not many) products/brands on the airpointsstore are 1:1 price wise.
    For example, I think all Apple products on airpointsstore is 1:1, so if you or someone you know is in the market for a new iPhone might be a quick way to use up $2000.

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