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Logitech G560 Lightsync PC Gaming Speaker $200 @ EB Games


Actually I’m surprised with this price. Already had one, but those who wanna upgrade the pc speaker, this is something worth to try.

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    & maybe pricematch @ Noel Leeming

    • smart

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      They agreed to match for me :)

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        & don't forget to use the $10 off $100 code.

        • a membership account can only use that code once.

          • @baikal: True. Time to create another account 😄

            • @Wakrak: After the website upgrade, price match discount codes no longer stack with the $10 off noel codes. Well didnt work for me when I tried it today.

  • great price! bought this full price from NL few weeks ago.. really good!

  • Bought these for $150 in the 2019 massive sellout they had at ASB showground, so worth it even for $200.

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    I want this but don't need this.. god dam lol

    • hahah same….price is soo tempting

    • it's the cheapies life xD

  • What's the sound quality like compared to the Logi Z533?

  • Anyones looking to get one, here is price match price for noel leemings - PP-AG-N162333-29/10/2021 (Valid for 1 Hour). i planned to get it but changed my mine, cause not a need. lol

    • I have used it, thank you

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    How do these compare to the z623?

  • Can you plug these into an Android tv via USB and get DTS capabilities?

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      Magic 8 ball says no

  • damn i missed out :/

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