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Select Hoodies $12.50 - $14.50 (Was $25 - $29) @ EB Games (Pickup Select Stores, $5+ Delivery)


A new promotion just started. Winter Favourites Managers Special.

See all items in this promotion here.
- (socks, tshirts, hoodies, beanies, scarves, pyjamas).

Managers Specials promotion has also been updated.

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  • Anyone know how these go for sizes? Are they pretty standard?

    • I’m a women’s 10-12 and bought a small, it fits quite loose. I originally got a medium but tried it on in the carpark after doing click and collect and they let me swap the size. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to click and collect.

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    Thanks! Got a Mr Sparkle hoodie haha 😂

  • Thanks for the post. G560 speakers is on special as well.

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      Tempted by the Edifier S1000 MKII Bookshelf Speakers

      • $300 for the s1000 is an amazing deal!!!

    • Would it be worth getting these from the Logitech z623

      • Some of these comments might be helpful.

        • I am sure you have way to much time on your hands .. might get the Edifier you've mentioned instead. Just need to convince the other half its not a waste of money…

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            @wellydeal: The joys of working from home with two screens 😄. One for Zoom and one for browsing the internet.

      • If your after the gaming rgb, yes thats the only plus. Audio average.

  • The OzBargain link below might be helpful in terms of quality, size etc.


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    cool cool cool!

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    If you order multiple items - they hit you $9.50 for shipping if they are from different locations - although there is no real way to know this till you check out - 3 items for me 3 x 9.50 shipping ! - thats a bit of a rip.

    • Yeah, their shipping is shit. It had like six items in my cart and they all ended up shipping separately for at least $6.50 per item - ended up dropping down to two items because a total of $35 shipping was ridiculous.

  • Very cool - just bought a couple of mediums. Thanks OP.

  • Picked up a Mr. Sparkle large for me and a minecraft small for my son, both click and collect from Botanny. Thanks!

  • https://www.ebgames.co.nz/product/electronics/260018-google-…
    $36 Google nest mini - A very nice price imo!

  • $14.5 off then proceeds to charge $10 shipping for a hoodie…

  • Thanks @Wakrak. Managed to pick up my 3 hoodies from Palms Christchurch :D

  • Shipping rates are absolutely arse. $9.50 for EACH item I wanted…..savings was overall was $12.50 instead of $50.

    Cleared that cart …. What a joke.

    • I went to there shop , Hornby Christchurch In My case tried out a few and decided on 4 I use large American but had to get 2 XL and 3 XL from eb games . They dont have fitting room . But it's good to check them in perso.

      • Oh no… I should and upsized then from medium to large?

        • Try them and see I think online it said 7 days return but in shop they don't do any

  • Bunch of stuff now getting refunded as they cant find it to ship, which is making the shipping worse, this is quickly becoming not really a deal.

    • Only time I buy from EB Games is when I can do click & collect. Too difficult otherwise.

    • Hoodies or other stuff? My hoodies have shipped and I bought Nioh Collection click and collect today.

      • Hoodies - couple of Star Wars ones for my son - Small Size.

  • These are really low-quality hoodies that won't last a year. Just as a heads up :-)

  • Just got mine delivered. The sizing runs on the smaller side and the material is thin and light weight. Quality seems OK and worth it for the sale price IMHO.

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