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[PC] Free 3 Month Xbox Game Pass for PC by Signing up for Crunchyroll Premium Trial


Seems like its only valid for new members
Can always create a new account

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  • I need a Indian credit card. 8 months GamePass for new members (in India). I stumbled at the last hurdle (payment).

    Here's the OzBargain version of this CrunchyRoll deal

    • Have you tried the Wise virtual cards for payment? Keep meaning to give this a go. I wonder if the payment system checks that your billing address belongs to that country, or if Wise just confirms that it does regardless.

      • I originally saw this deal on Reddit. I was going to try Wise but then saw this comment:

        "I couldn't get around the region lock even with my VPN and a wise account, to anyone who might try it. It's a shame because it's a great deal."

  • You should change the title to explain that its only Gamepass for PC.
    This does not include gamepass for Xbox

  • Thanks!

  • ** EDIT My adblocker was stopping it from working, I was able to get a code.

    They're out of codes at the moment. The message say's "We're out of codes and working to get more." **

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