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Free Replacement ONT cable @ Chorus


I didn't know this was a thing until someone mentioned it today on Facebook but Chorus will courier a replacement ONT cable for one that's missing or damaged for free.

It may not help now, but definitely something to remember next you move house.

My father bought one a while back when a tenant moved out and took the cable with them.

Very cool, places like JayCar and PBTech sell them for $40-50 each.

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  • Wouldn't you just call them if you needed this anyway?

    Or is this just to speed up the process?

    • I wouldn't, if I need a replacement power adapter I know everything about the specs and requirements so would seek alternative avenues (or just make my own, but those 8 pin power connectors are stupid) as supplier spares are usually wildly expensive and slow.

      Hence me knowing how much JayCar and PBTech sell them for.

      The last thing I would expect is a supplier to furnish spare parts at their own cost when it's not their fault.

      • If my ONT had failed, wouldn't that be part of a ISP support conversation.
        I wouldn't have expected to have to pay for any part of this, including a plug pack adaptor etc.

        • Define failed.

          If a tenant moves out and takes the power supply with them (very common), is that a failed ONT and an ISP fault?

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            @danvelopment: You can buy the power supply but they give them to you for free. It's in the providers interest to do this as with no power to the ont you can't get service. The ont is their demarc point so as much as you know your stuff most people don't. Offering a replacement means everyone is using the right gear and the risk of damaging the ont with a cheap or just wrong power lead is reduced.

            • @Everettpsycho: Really?

              They give them to you for free? That's a great deal!

              Maybe someone should post a link to the form about that on some sort of deal website so that people know they can get one for free if they ever find themselves in a situation where it's missing.

            • @Everettpsycho: My understanding as of a few years ago is that technically you aren't supposed to connect any power supply to the ONT other than one supplied by Chorus. Technically Chorus could approve power supplies like they did with Telepermitted equipment but I don't think they bothered or maybe just no one tried and that UPS which had direct 12V output with a cable for connecting to the ONT wasn't approved so you weren't supposed to connected it to the ONT according to Chorus. (And if you did and it broke the ONT, you're at fault. You could pursue the supplier of that UPS I guess) If you wanted to use a UPS you needed a mains supply one so you could connect the Chorus supplier PSU. Not sure what the non Chorus providers are like but would't be surprised if they are the same

              NB. The end result of responsibility for a third party PSU damaging the ONT may not seem that different from a third party PSU damaging a router you own but IMO there is a difference between the case where you are connecting third party PSU to equipment someone else own's who've said you're now allowed to do that, and there you're connecting a third party PSU to a product you own there under NZ law the manufacturer has no say in what you may do, only in whether they have to support you if it causes problems.

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          Yes, 100% call your ISP and they will sort it for you. This happens much more often than most people realize. I have worked at an ISP and we just used to order one for the customer from here. Chorus usually sends it out either same day or the next.

      • My ONT failed. when they came to repair it the fault was the power adaptor. (happens a lot apparently)
        They just replaced it gave me a high five and were on their way

  • Enable does this too (although it was pick up only for us).

    • It depends on who built your fibre network.

      Chorus got the bulk share, other areas like Palmerston North (first example from memory) where built by other providers like Enable.

      • Nah, only Christchurch is served by Enable. Some areas of Taranaki is UFF though.

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      Can the tenant take you to the tribunal for billing them something that's free? If you bill them for the labour to get the replacement, then it's probably another story…haha

      • It's no different to them taking the stove with them when they leave. The cost of replacing it is irrelevant. Lol

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      How can you bill them for something that you didn't even own? The ONT is the property of Chorus.

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      Landlord mindset right there.

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      Imagine going out telling people how much of a scum you are and calling it a win.

  • Just make sure when you use the lead you take the protectors off and plug it straight in, don't leave it laying about to get dirty. Dirty fibre can cause so much loss down the lines and lead to issues.

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      This isn't for a fibre optic cable, it's for the power supply to the ONT.

  • Thanks OP. This is good to know just in case.

  • Yeah been known that they give them out but many people are in patient and goto Jaycar. but i have heard chorus ships fairly quickly

  • Ooh yes, thanks! My partner's work team have just moved into a new space and the PSU is missing. I hadn't gotten around to looking up how to find a replacement yet, so perfect timing with this post.

  • Also, people shouldnt be taking it with them when they move house.

  • Just a heads up, nor JayCar or PBTech(PBTech were likely being supplied by JayCar) will be carrying the replacement ONT power supply. I'm unsure of the exact reasoning but they no longer have it on the shelves or say that they will be getting them back in-store. From what I was able to see they sell the plug suitable for the ONT which you can use with an appropriate power supply to DIY your own power supply although that's at your own risk. Maybe it got removed due to a compliance issue?

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